Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Winooski River - from Waterbury VT to Richmond VT

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - The water on Winooski River was very high on this day and we decided to put in below the trestle rapids on the road side. Fell out of my kayak and lost my paddle. The wife gave up her paddle and longer kayak so the Boston Kayaker can lead this group of paddlers. That aside, the river has many riffles along the way at this water level. Clouded mountain ranges are always on the horizon.

  Put in below dam at Power Plant
  Road in Waterbury VT.
Take out at Bridge Street
  in Richmond VT.
Estimated distance
  = 10.5 miles
Class II Rapids. Scout from left
  shore and portage if necessary.
Alternate put in
  at River Road.
  Alternate take out at
  Cochran Road Bridge.
Huntington River enters
  on river left.
Richmond Floodplain
River name came from Abenaki
  word meaning "wild onion".

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Winooski River - from Waterbury VT to Richmond VT

Other resources:
Friends of the Winooski
Friends of the Winooski: Paddling Guide (16mb pdf), see pages 20 to 21
Friends of the Winooski: Paddling Guide (cached copy)

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Excerpt from Friends of the Winnooski Paddling Guide (page 20):
Difficulty: Intermediate (if putting in at Bolton Dam); Easy (if you put in further downstream)
Description: This stretch of river continues to pass through the Green Mountains. There are a number of spots to take a break for a swim or to fish. About 1 mile upstream of Richmond, you will pass the a rare intact floodplain forest owned by the Richmond Land Trust.
Rapids/Obstacles: About of a mile downstream from Bolton Dam is a rapid that ends just past the railroad trestle. This rapid can be difficult especially in high water. You can pull over on the left bank above the rapid to scout it. If you choose not to paddle it, you can carry your boat about 1500 feet to below the trestle. There is a foot path.
Put Ins:
  • Bolton Dam: There is parking at the picnic area below the dam. The access road is marked by a sign on River Road.
  • Bolton Canoe Access Area: This area with ample parking is about four miles west on River Road from the Bolton Dam access.
    Take Outs:
  • Jonesville: Just after you pass under the Cochran Road Bridge, the take out is on the left. Unload on road shoulder but parking is on the opposite side of the bridge.
  • Floodplain Preserve: Take out on the sandy bar on the left side of the river about 1.5 miles below the Jonesville bridge. There is no sign marking the Preserve. It is short carry to the parking area.
  • Volunteer Green Richmond: Heading into Richmond you will pass under the Bridge St. bridge and head to the right bank.

    The Bolton Dam on the Winooski River at Power Plant Road (off River Road) in Waterbury VT.
    Trip date is July 2013.

    Looking downstream at Winooski River from the Bolton Dam launch.

    The rapids at the trestle looking from River Road. We skipped those rapids by putting in farther west at River Road below these rapids.

    At the informal put in below trestle on River Road.

    Getting ready to launch on Winooski River from the road side on River Road in Waterbury VT.

    The Boston Kayaker's son and girlfriend.

    The Boston Kayaker's brother-in-law.

    Two kayaks now launched and waiting on the cove of the Winooski River.

    The Boston Kayaker's brother-in-law positioned one rapids upriver.

    Another kayak launched. I launched on my short kayak after this and fell out of the kayak.

    After recovering my capsized kayak and my wife giving up her paddle and kayak, we are on to our paddling trip.
    Looking back after I got passed the rapids.

    At the Cochran Road bridge, the wife waits for the paddlers.

    Winooski River from the Cochran Road bridge.

    The Cochran Road bridge coming up.

    View from the Cochran Road bridge.

    The Bridge Street bridge in Richmond VT.
    Take out is on river right after the bridge.

    Some fast flowing water on the on river left.
    One will miss the take out at right if not positioned on river right at the bridge.

    Take out is that patch of mud on the right after those rocks.

    The Boston Kayaker has landed. Waiting for the group to follow my lead.