Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Winooski River - from Marshfield VT to Plainfield VT

Unrated - The Boston Kayaker does not have enough information or time to make a rating.

  Put in at School Street
  in Marshfield VT.
Take out at Martin Bridge on
  Route 2 in Plainfield VT.
Estimated distance
  = 5 miles
Onion River
  Twinfield High School
  - alternate take out
River name from Abenaki
  word meaning "wild onion".
May not be runnable
  during dry periods.
Old School House

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Winooski River - from Marshfield VT to Plainfield VT

Other resources:
Friends of the Winooski
Friends of the Winooski: Paddling Guide (16mb pdf), see pages 10 to 11
Friends of the Winooski: Paddling Guide (cached copy)

Excerpts from Friends of the Winnooski Paddling Guide (page 10):
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: The headwaters of the Winooski River is a narrow, winding channel that traverses the rolling hills of eastern Washington county. The highlight of this section is Martin Bridge, the only “Farm Bridge” remaining in Vermont. Primarily used for agriculture, the bridge was built around 1880. Today it serves as an access point for nature trails on the south side of the river. This section of river is highly influenced by the Green Mountain Power generating station upstream of Marshfield Village. During dry periods, the river may be very low if the station is not releasing water.
Rapids/Obstacles: Paddlers may encounter downed trees blocking the river. There is a Class 2 ‘rock garden’ rapid at the Onion River Campground. You can exit the river on the left and walk your boat rather easily around this rapid.
Put In:
  • Old School House Common in Marshfield: From Rte 2 turn onto School St (next to Rainbow Sweets). Go over the bridge. School House Common is on right. Paddlers can put in at any suitable point on the property. The easiest point is a short walk past the building to the mouth of Marshfield Brook.
    Take Outs:
  • Twinfield Union School at the mouth of Nasmith Brook: You will need to carry your boats about 100 yards to the parking area along Nasmith Brook Road. Exiting at the bridge at Nasmith Brook Road can be fairly difficult. Below Nasmith Brook, the river current gets faster and there are more rocks including the rapid at Onion River Campground.
  • Martin Bridge: The banks are relatively steep at the Martin Bridge park so pick the take out point carefully. There is a parking area near the bridge.
  • Plainfield: If you plan to paddle into Plainfield, you should contact land owners before your trip to obtain permission to exit on their property. There is unmarked dam in the center of Plainfield Village.