Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Lake Champlain's Shelburne Bay - in Shelburne VT

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - Shelburne Bay

  Put in at Bay Road
  in Shelburne VT.
Paddle around Shelburne
  Bay and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4.5+ miles
Shelburne Bay
  Red Rocks
Lake Champlain
  Yatch Club

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Lake Champlain's Shelburne Bay - in Shelburne VT

Other resources:
VT Govt.: Shelburne Bay State Ramp
Town of Shelburne VT: Exploring Shelburne Bay (pdf)
Town of Shelburne VT: Exploring Shelburne Bay (cached copy)

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At Shelburne Bay launch on Bay Road in Shelburne VT.
Trip date is September 2014.

From the launch, to the left is Shelburne Bay.

Next to the launch for hand-carried boats is this ramp to Shelburne Bay.

The Boston Kayaker on Shelburne Bay in Shelburne VT.

The plan is to follow the coast line on my left all the way to the mouth of Shelburne Bay.

Will land on that rocky coast.

Landed. My wife following behind.

Back on the waters of Shelburne Bay.

From here, I can see the tip of the peninsula enclosing Shelburne Bay.

Lake Champlain's Shelburne Bay.

Now we are veering to the right and paddle straight ahead to Red Rocks Park in the center of the picture.

The rest of Lake Champlain viewed from Shelburne Bay.

Getting close to Red Rock Park.

I can see a group of boys on the cliff.

This is as far north on Shelburne Bay as I will paddle today.

Just turned around and will now start the paddle back.

On our left is the eastern shore of Shelburne Bay.

Its starting to get dark as we approach the take out.

The Shelburne Bay ramp. We'll use the other one for hand-carried crafts.

The next day in Burlington VT park.

At Burlington VT's Church Street Marketplace.