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Kayaking on Quinebaug River - in Brooklyn CT

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - I paddled this Quinebaug River route on first weekend of May 2013. The leaves are just sprouting and the scenery is not as green as it would be. There were some spotty riverfront residences but the 99% of the shores are undeveloped. Both shores are tree-line after passing the initial ponds. I paddled more than 3-quarters of the way to Rogers Dam when I got tired paddling against a good current.

  Put in at park on Day Street
  in Brooklyn CT.
Paddle upstream until
  current allows and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 6+ miles
  Tricky to find main branch of
  river. Stay left upstream.
Quinebaug River
  Trail esplanade
Five Mile Outfitters
  kayak rentals
Riverside Park
  athletic fields

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Quinebaug River - in Brooklyn CT

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The Last Green Valley: The 2012 Quinebaug River Paddle Guide (see pages 21-22)
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On Day Street in Brooklyn CT in May 2013.
The Quinebaug River launch road sign on Day Street.

Entering Greenway Drive, past the apartments are these baseball fields.
The launch is at the back where those parked cars are.

At the Quinebaug River launch in Riverside Park in Brooklyn CT.

Just launched on the Quinebaug River.

Paddling north upriver.

I will round this tounge of land and then will stay left (as per map above).

From here, I will stay left to find the main river channel.

I am being led by a swan.

A turtle sunbathing.

A couple fishing from a boat.

Continuing my paddle upriver, some houses on the east side.

Beautiful tree-lined shores of Quinebaug River in Brooklyn CT.

A diving-board-like platform over the Quinebaug River.

A guy loading his boat on this informal and very steep landing where the river U-turns close to Day Street.

I have to take a rest as my arms are starting to hurt.

Back on the river, I continue my paddle upstream hoping to get to Rogers Dam.

A family in two kayaks and one canoe.

The current is getting faster and I am now tiring fast.
I took this break to get out, stretch my legs and turn around.

Launched back to the Quinebaug River.
I am now paddling south downriver to return.

An airplane into its final descent to the airport runway.

The power lines along Day Street. I am now curving sharp to the left.

Two boys fishing from the shore of Quinebaug River.

At the near end of my journey.