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Kayaking on Cotuit Bay and Seapuit River - in Cotuit MA

Rating: Two Stars - The more appropriate rating would have two-plus-stars but I deducted a half-star for the unneighborly resident sticker requirement at the access. This is the same reason I never go to Cape Cod in the summer. That aside, we circumnavigated the Osterville Grand and Little Islands counter-clockwise. Starting from the launch, we paddled westwards to the Seapuit River emerging at West Bay. Paddled north under the drawbridge and then circled westwards then south to Cotuit Bay. Make sure you have a map with you. I had fun circling the island and have that one-way river experience.

  Put in at Oyster Place
  Road in Cotuit MA.
Paddle into
  Seapuit River.
Paddle north into
  West Bay.
Paddle around Osterville
  Island and return.
  Estimated round trip
  distance = 6+ miles
Resident parking
  permit required
Oyster Harbors
Sampsons Island Reservation
  - can land and hike

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Cotuit Bay and Seapuit River - in Cotuit MA

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At the launch to Cotuit Bay on Oyster Place Road in Cotuit MA.
Trip date is October 2018.

It is about 1 hour+ after low tide. The tide will be rising for the whole kayak trip.

Today's kayak buddy is the Boston Kayaker's wife.

The Boston Kayaker and wife just launched on Cotuit Bay.

Looking to my right.

We are paddling southwards right now but the plan is for later (farther south) to cross Cotuit Bay eastwards and then into the Seapuit River.

The middle channel for powered boats . . .

The barrier beach on the south of Cotuit Bay. Somewhere on right will be the entrance to Seapuit River.

The buoys marking the channel for motorized traffic.

We are crossing the channel right now while there are no boats.

The Boston Kayaker on Cotuit Bay.

On the eastern shore of Cotuit Bay are these very expensive water-front houses.

Now approaching the Seapuit River.

Now into the Seapuit River.

I noticed we are paddling against the flow of Seapuit.
Will this river reverse its direction had the tide been receding (instead of rising right now)?

Taking a break.

The Boston Kayaker on the banks of the Seapuit River.

Back on the water.

At the end of the Seapuit River is the West Bay.

A sign on the south bank.

We are entering West Bay.

On right, the southern shore of West Bay.

Veering left, we are now paddling northwards on West Bay.

Looking south, West Bay's opening to the Atlantic Ocean.

Paddling eastwards to cross the marked channel.

Now east of the boat channel, paddling straight ahead northwards and approach that eastern shore.

Taking another break.

Back on the water. I can see the bridge.

I can see the draw bridge pulling up for a boat to cross.

Draw bridge pulled up for this boat.

Nice boat! Must be burning a lot of gas though! :(

Paddling under the drawbridge.

The bridge divides the water and we are now in North Bay.

A stand-up paddler.

Veering left to continue our counter-clockwise direction.

Now paddling westwards back to our destination . . .

We are still paddling in westward direction on North Bay.

I am following the coast on my left to get me back to Cotuit Bay.

Super clear waters of North Bay.

My camera turned backward to my wife behind.

Will enter this narrow opening connecting North Bay and Cotuit Bay.

If we now follow the coast on right, we will get back to where we started.

Taking another break.

This is the "boat parking lot" we saw earlier north of the launch.

We are now back to Cotuit Bay.

Next to that wooden structure is the public landing where we came from.


Paddle time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.