Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Charles River - from Millis MA to Medfield MA

Rating: Two Stars - Long streches of undeveloped shores with the occassional houses. Meandering, always a pleasant surprise the next bend. :)

  Put in at Forest Road
  in Millis MA.
Take out at West Street
  in Medfield MA.
Estimated distance
  = 5 miles
The Charles Cafe
  kayak rentals available
  Cedariver Reservation Shattuck Reservation Medfield Rhododendron

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Charles River - from Millis MA to Medfield MA

Other resources:
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On The Charles
The Trustees of Reservations: Cedariver Reservation (formerly Baker Reservation)
The Trustees of Reservations: Shattuck Reservation
The Trustees of Reservations: Shattuck Reservation Trail Map
The Trustees of Reservations: Medfield Rhododendron Reservation Charles River Kayak Trip Report

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The put in at Forest Road, Millis MA.
Today's kayak trip follows the put in / take out designated in the map above.

This launch has space for 5+ cars.

Paddle to the left to go downriver.

Just launched.

Trip taken September 2011.

Shattuck Reservation sign.

Another river bend to the right.

Heron in flight.

A canoeist.

A private pontoon.

Riverfront residence.

One more riverbend to the left and I should see the Route 109 bridge.

Route 109 Brige over Charles River on the Millis / Medfield townline.

The Charles River divides the towns Millis on the left bank, and Medfield on the right bank.

Going under the Route 109 bridge.

"Food and Drinks" sign on the river bank posted by the Charles River Cafe / kayak rentals.

The Charles River Cafe cove just on the west of the Route 109 bridge.

Continuing past the Route 109 bridge, I am within 20 minutes of my destination.

A couple on a canoe.

Two kayakers.

Another kayaker.

And another kayaker.

Another kayaker as I approach the Dover Road / West Street bridge.

Take out is on the right just past the bridge.

Just a few feet downriver is an old wooden railroad bridge.

Just landed. That was a short and pleasant trip under 2 hours.

Taking out.

Entrance to the West Bridge take out is marked by the "Wastewater Department Plant" sign.