Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Bearcamp River and Ossipee Lake - from West Ossipee NH to Center Ossipee NH

Rating: Four Stars - This is one of my all-time favorites. This route has the combo river-lake-river that makes it outstanding and uniquely four-star! Paddle time was 3 hours 10 minutes.

  Put in at Route 25 in
  West Ossipee NH.
Paddle to Lake Osssipee
  then enter Pine River.
Take out at Route 25 in
  Center Ossipee NH.
Estimated distance
  = 8.5 miles
Lakefront Landing
  Marina rentals
Canoe King rentals
  and shuttle

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Bearcamp River and Ossipee Lake - from West Ossipee NH to Center Ossipee NH

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At the launch to Bearcamp River on Route 25 bridge in West Ossipee NH.
Trip date is July 2016.

The launch area to Bearcamp River has space for about 6+ cars.

Today's kayak party includes the Boston Kayaker's son, wife, and daughter.

Launching into Bearcamp River by the Route 25 bridge.
Will follow the river flow to the left and under the bridge.

Ripples soon after launch.

Bearcamp River today at this point is about knee high and water very clear.

Very clean and sandy-bottomed.

The Boston Kayaker on the back of the tandem with wife on Bearcamp River.

Shot from my daughter's camera as she trails behind.

People on a sandy beach on right.

My son got stuck on a shallow spot.

Tubers on Bearcamp River.

Same tubers that are flowing with us along the Bearcamp.

Happy campers.

More and more pontoon boats as Bearcamp River gets deeper and closer to its mouth at Lake Osssipee.

Approaching the Route 16 bridge over the Bearcamp River in Ossipee NH.

Passing under Route 16 bridge.

Railbridge over the Bearcamp River.

We landed on a sandy beach for a short break.

Back on the waters of Bearcamp River.

The Boston Kayaker and wife on a tandem kayak on Bearcamp River.

Jump rope.

Nearing the mouth of Bearcamp River.

I can see Ossipee Lake.

On Ossipee Lake. What a beautiful day to kayak on a river that takes you here!

From my son's camera trailing behind. We are the small yellow kayak.

To my left, the big Ossipee Lake.

After entering Ossipee River, we veered right south.

From my son's camera.

A bald eagle on the banks of Ossipee Lake, picture taken by my son.

We are paddling south with the Ossipee Lake western coast on our right.

To my left, the eastern coast of Ossipee Lake. Don't know names of these mountains.

Lots of motorized boats on Ossipee Lake.

My son trailing behind . . .

The Boston Kayaker and wife on Ossipee Lake.

For now we are following the shore on our right southwards.

Powered boats making waves on Ossipee Lake.

Looking northwards on Ossipee Lake.

Entering the mouth of Pine River as it empties into Ossipee Lake.

At the center of the picture is Pine River. I know because a boat just went into it earlier!

Now paddling upstream on Pine River off Ossipee Lake.

A pontoon boat on Pine River on its way to Ossipee Lake.

The Route 25 bridge over the Pine River in Center Ossipee NH.

Passing under the Route 25 bridge over the Pine River. We will turn left after the bridge for the takeout.

Approaching the take out ramp on Pine River off Route 25 in Center Ossipee NH.

Landed. From Bearcamp River, to Ossipee Lake, to Pine River.
Paddle time is 3 hours 10 minutes.

The road sign to the Pine River ramp at Route 25 in Center Ossipee NH.