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Kayaking on Winooski River - in Waterbury VT

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  Put in at River Road
  in Waterbury VT.
Take out before dam on Power Plant
  Road in Waterbury VT.
Portage 2,000+ feet from
  river to parking lot.
Estimated distance
  = 4.5 miles
Bolton Dam
  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
  - factory tours available
River name came fron Abenaki
  word meaning "wild onion".
Camel's Hump mountain and
  state park on left horizon
Little River enters
  from right
Little River
  State Park

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Winooski River - in Waterbury VT

Other resources:
Friends of the Winooski
Friends of the Winooski: Paddling Guide (16mb pdf), see pages 18 to 19
Friends of the Winooski: Paddling Guide (cached copy)
Camel's Hump State Park
Little River State Park
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Tour

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Excerpt from Friends of the Winnooski Paddling Guide (page 18):
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A steady current flows through this section of the river, which is mostly flat. Shortly after Waterbury you will pass the Little River as it enters the Winooski. This stretch of the river passes through the Green Mountains, offering breathtaking views of both the Green Mountain Range and the Worcester Range. Camelís Hump will be visible on the left.
Rapids/Obstacles: None although paddlers should always watch for barely submerged rocks and woody debris.
Put In:
  • Waterbury Recreation Fields: access point is on the right, near the mouth of Thatcher Brook.
    Take Out:
  • Bolton Dam Take Out is located on the left side of the river. It is marked by a small sign. It is a steep and sometimes muddy bank. The river is fairly wide and flat before it takes a turn to the left into the narrow Bolton Gorge. Be on the alert for the take out. Ropes and buoys, if present at all, will only be in the river during warmer months. You will need to carry your boat about 2000 feet. You can carry around the dam on a wide, well maintained, but relatively steep trail to the picnic area below the dam. Or you can park at a gate on River Road (do not block the gate) and carry your boat out along the access road.

    At the Rowe Field in Waterbury VT.
    Pictures taken July 2013.

    I walked along the river edge of this field and can not find a clear path to the Winooski River.

    At the Winooski Street Bridge in Waterbury VT.

    Looking downstream at the Winooski River from the Winooski Street bridge in Waterbury VT. An informal and suitable put in is on the left northwest of bridge.

    At River Road on the northwest of Winooski Street bridge is a small patch of access to Winooski River.

    Informal put in to the Winooski River at River Road in Waterbury VT.

    The Bolton Dam at Power Plant Road in Waterbury VT.

    At the right of this picture is the portage path to the take out above the dam.

    Canoe portage sign.

    The portage path is long and on a hilly terrain.

    Even just plain walking without portaging a kayak, the path to the take out above the dam is too much for me.

    I turned around and never got to the take out above the dam.