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Kayaking on Lake Wild Wood - in Upton MA

Rating: One Star - As trips goes, this round trip can be paddled under 1 hour. Was fun while it lasted. Most shores mostly undeveloped. This route can be filled with aquatic vegetation beginning July.

  Put in at park off Williams
  Street in Upton MA.
Paddle north
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 1.5 miles
Wild Wood
Lake Wild
  Wood Dam
Red Rock Bar & Grill
  - kayak rentals

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Lake Wild Wood - in Upton MA

Other resources:
Town of Upton MA: Explore Upton Natural Areas

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At Williams Street in Upton MA. Entrance to Lake Wild Wood Park unmarked and easy to miss.
Trip date is May 2013.

Wild Wood Park. Gate closes 8pm to 6am.

Wild Wood Park is tree-covered and has picnic benches.

About to launch on Lake Wild Wood.

Just launched. To the right of launch is the Lake Wild Wood Dam.

Approached the dam a little bit.

I turned around and now paddling westwards to the left of this island in front.

Two guys in a canoe and a group of kayakers.

I am now paddling northwards round this island on my left.

A father and daughter on a motorized boat.

Route 140 ahead of me. The Red Rock Bar and Grill is on the right edge of this lake.

The kayaks of Red Rock Bar and Grill.

Heading further northwest upstream.

The lake is getting crowded with aquatic vegetation . . .

This lake weeds will only get worse when summer sets in.

OK. This is as far as I can and will go.

Just turned around and now paddling back to where I started.

There is Route 140 on my left. Will paddle to my right.

This is the same group of kayakers I saw earlier.

The Lake Wild Wood dam. Take out is on right before that.


Red Rock Bar & Grill on Route 140