Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on West Outlet River - from Rockwood ME to Somerset Junction ME

Rating: Four Stars - This route is tops for those who wants to try a bit of rapids. The West Outlet route has this good combination of 5 to 6 rapidy sections and with portions of pond-like calm water in between. The scenery is fabulous and has no equal. I will let my pictures below speak for that.

  Put in at Route 15 / Rockwood Road
  bridge in Rockwood ME.
Take out at railroad bridge on Somerset
  Road in Somerset Junction ME.
Estimated distance
  = 4.5 miles
  This route not to be confused with
  the East Outlet 5 miles south.
Moosehead Lake's
  West Outlet Dam
Class I-II rapids

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on West Outlet River - from Rockwood ME to Somerset Junction ME

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Moosehead Lake and its West Outlet Dam, the source of the West Outlet River.
In Rockwood ME July 2012.

Put in to the West Outlet is on the north west downstream side of the Route 15 bridge. This picture is looking north.

Scouting the take out, the railbridge will be my marker.

The Boston Kayaker at the West Outlet River in Rockwood ME.

Just launched.

Glorious day. Current temps in the high 70sF which make this trip comfy.

This will be the last picture from the wife's camera as I disappeared from the Route 15 bridge view.

I am now in "Long Pond". The 4 houses or so on the western shore will be the only houses in this route.

In front of me is the first stretch of rapids on the exit from Long Pond.

This is the first set of rapids and I am stuck on a rock!

Managed to back out and continue.
Looking back at the rapids.

The second rapids.

Looking back at the rapids.

More rapids.

A beaver lodge on the West Outlet.

Got closer to this beaver lodge.


Looking back at the rapids.

Another pond-like portion after the rapids.

I can hear rushing waters again. More rapids.

Another beaver lodge.

The water nearby this beaver lodge is littered with branches stored for winter chewing.

Before the next rapids.

Post rapids looking back.

Finally, I can see the railroad bridge. There was this small rapids just in front of me but 10 feet or so after that is a 2-foot drop!
The good thing about it was I had no time to fear (seriously).

Landed. Woohoo! That was fun.

I had this river all for myself this morning. I was on the water for 2 hours and some 8 minutes.

The railroad bridge from the road.