Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Lake Waukewan - in Meredith NH

Rating: Two Stars - This is a sizeable lake that took me three hours to circle including the side trip to the Snake River marsh. Very few places to land as most of the shores are developed. A much quieter lake compared to the busy Lake Winnepesauke's Meridith Bay in the town center.

  Put in at Waukewan Street
  in Meredith NH.
Paddle around Lake
  Waukewan and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 5.5+ miles
Optionally paddle into
  Snake River marsh.
Lake Waukewan

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Lake Waukewan - in Meredith NH

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On I-93 in the White Mountains enroute to Meredith NH.
Trip date is September 2013.

At the Lake Waukewan boat ramp on Waukewan Street in Meredith NH.

A water skier on Lake Waukewan.

The Boston Kayaker ready to launch on Lake Waukewan in Meredith NH.

Just launched on Lake Waukewan.

Heading to my left and will circle the Lake Waukewan clock-wise.

The south/west shore on my left, continuing my clockwise direction.

The very clear waters of Waukewan Lake.

On the right of the picture is that big island on Lake Waukewan.

Surprisingly, the island is inhabited.

Now heading into the northwest cove of Lake Waukewan.

On the horizon in front is the corner inlet from the Snake River marsh.

The Waukewan Road bridge on the northwest corner of Lake Waukewan.

Going under Waukewan Road bridge into Snake River marsh.

This is not very promising . . .

Water level here is about knee-high.

I figure I will paddle up to those power lines.

Two giant beaver lodges.

Just turned around and now facing back.

The Waukewan Road bridge in sight.

Now re-entering Lake Waukewan.

I will paddle between the northern/eastern shore and the island.

Continuing my southeasterly direction with the shore on my left.

End of trip. Back to where I launched.
Surprised to find I was on the water for 3 hours.