Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on South Watuppa Pond - in Fall River MA

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - This is good-sized pond that took me two hours to go around cutting off the the southern coves and the northeast corner. The water is amazingly featureless, no island, all water. Along the shores there will be many boulders scattered here and there. Shores are mostly developed. The water is greenish.

  Put in at Jefferson Street Extension
  ramp in Fall River MA.
Paddle around lake
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 6+ miles
Dave's Beach and
  picnic area
  "Watuppa" came from native word
  meaning "place of boats".
Boating not allowed on
  North Watuppa Pond.
Powered boats and jetskis
  allowed on this pond.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on South Watuppa Pond - in Fall River MA

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At the gated entrance to the South Watuppa Pond boat ramp. Trip date is October 2013.

South Watuppa Pond launch parking lot on Jefferson Street Extension in Fall River MA.

The Boston Kayaker on South Watuppa Pond.

Just launched on South Watuppa Pond.

Decided to paddle to my right and go south for a counter-clockwise go around this pond.

A fisherman on his boat on South Watuppa Pond.

Hugging the westerly shore on my right.

Looking to my left, the easter shore of South Watuppa Pond on the horizon.

Rock outcroppings on South Watuppa Pond.

Continuing my southerly paddle hugging the western coast.

Looks like the whole of the western shore of South Watuppa Pond are
all developed with houses. No place to land on this side.

I am nearing the south end of South Watuppa Pond.

I am now veering to my left and will skip that cove on the southwest corner.

I will now paddle straight to the other side of South Watuppa Pond cutting off this cove on my right.

Briefly looking to my right, that is the southwest corner of Sout Watuppa Pond.

I am near the southern shore after skipping the southwest corner cove on my right.

The southern shore is now on my right. Will continue counter-clockwise direction around this pond.

Looking to my left, South Watuppa Pond viewed from the southeast end.

Coming up on my right is the southeast corner cove.

The southeast corner cove. Will skip this cove and paddle straight to the east side.

Paddling directly east.

Now closing onto the eastern shore.

I will now be paddling northwards hugging the eastern shore on my right.

Continuing northward paddle along the eastern shore of South Watuppa Pond.

Looking to my left, the western shore.

A guy on a boat towing a woman on a kayak,

I am now approaching the cove on the northeast corner coming up on my right.

Looking to my right is the northeast corner cove of South Watuppa Pond.
I will skip this cove . . .

The plan now is to paddle straight north ahead where I am facing.

Looking briefly to my left is the western shore on the north end.

Now in the middle of South Watuppa Pond and paddling straight north to the north shore.

I have reached the north shore and now paddling westerly to continue my counter-clockwise direction.

South Watuppa Pond viewed from the north end.

From here, I will again cut out the northwest corner.

I can see the ramp structure.


I was on the waters of South Watuppa Pond for 2 hours.