Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Warren River - in Warren RI

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - Warren River has these nice waterfront eateries where you can park your kayak while dining. There are expensive river-front properties to be seen. Warren River is busy with powered boats coming-and-going.

  Put in at Wheaton Street
  ramp in Warren RI.
Paddle around Warren
  River and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2.5+ miles
Warren River can be busy
  with power boats.
  Public beach and
  recreation area
River front eateries
  with landings
Claire Macintosh
  Wildlife Refuge
Water can be choppy
  south of Adams Point.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Warren River - in Warren RI

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Explore RI's Blueways and Greenways: Warren Town Dock in Warren RI

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Excerpts from the Explore RI's Blueways and Greenways: Warren Town Dock in Warren RI:
This town-owned boat ramp provides access to the Warren River, which is a busy river densely lined on both sides with docks, houses and boats. Heading north from this put-in, you can go straight up the Palmer River, which shortly opens up into a wider area, half a mile wide and over two miles long. You can also turn west (left) and go up the Barrington River, at the head of which is One Hundred Acre Cove, three miles up river. Heading south from the Warren Town Landing takes you to the broad, open waters of Narragansett Bay, a 1 1/2 miles south of the put-in. On most days the southwest wind fills in across this area in the morning and blows throughout the afternoon, so be prepared for this when planning your trip.
WARNING: The tide runs very strongly through the narrow areas in both the Barrington and Palmer Rivers, especially under bridges, including the Route 103/114 bridges over both rivers and the adjacent bridges for the bike path. These areas are treacherous for small boats. Use great caution if you are heading north from the Warren Town Dock up either river! Remember that at slack tide there may be little or no current but a short while later the current may be very strong.

At the town ramp at the end of Wheaton Street off Water Street in Warren RI.
Trip date is June 2015.

The put in to Warren River.

The Boston Kayaker just launched into Warren River in Warren RI.

Turned to my right, will paddle northwards first.

On my right is the east bank of Warren River.

A speed boat on my left.

The "Clam Shack", one of the river front eateries.

The Wharf Tavern. Another river front place to eat and drink.

In front of me is the Warren (Route 103 / Route 114) bridge.
On the right is an old abandoned mill factory.

Turning to my left, will get to the other side (west) and paddle southwards along the west bank.

Looking south on Warren River from near the Warren Bridge.

Looking to my right, the mouth of the Barrington River as it joins the Warren River.

Continuing my southwesterly paddle . . .

Now on the west bank of Warren River, looking to my left is the Warren waterfront.

Fancy river-front houses with their own docks.

A nice empty sandy beach on the west bank. Publicly accessible?

To my left in the middle of the Warren River is a busy thouroughfare of powered boats.

Continuing my souther paddle keeping close to the Warren River's west bank on my right.

Nice boat.

Looking south.

Looking to my left (east).

A floating pontoon platform on Warren River.

On the left (barely in the picture) is Adams Point.
At the center of the picture on the horizon is the Rumstick Point.

The waters here south of Adams Point is noticeably choppier.
I decided to turn around at this point.

Just turn around and now facing northeast.

Now paddling back north to return.
Straight ahead in the middle of the picture is the town ramp that I launched from.

On my right is a speeding boat on Warren River.

Trying to cross directly eastward to the other side of Warren River.

Approaching the Burrs Hill Park.

Burrs Hill Park beach and recreation area on the east bank of Warren River.

Approaching the town ramp where I will be landing.

Landed. I was on Warren River paddling for 1 hour and 10 minutes.