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Kayaking on Ware River and Burnshirt River - in Barre MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - Pristine and undeveloped. An overflowing beaver dam was a sight!. Chasing Burnshirt River upstream is a bonus.

  Put in at Route 122 bridge in Barre MA.
  Paddle north upriver.
Left turn to Burnshirt River. Ware
  River here fast, hard to paddle.
Continue until you hit a beaver dam.
  Paddle downriver and return.
  Estimated round trip
  distance = 5 miles
Barre Falls Dam Barre Falls Dam
  Recreation Area
  Ware River flows very fast here
  over beaver dams.
No boating allowed south
  of Route 122 bridge.
The river banks in this route are
  all pristine and undeveloped.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Ware River and Burnshirt River - in Barre MA

Other resources:
US Army Corps of Engineers: Barre Falls Dam

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The bridge over Ware River at the put in on Route 122 in Barre MA looking west from the east side of the bridge.

The put in area on left, west bank of Ware River viewed from Route 122 bridge.

Ware river divides the towns Barre MA and Oakham MA.
The barrier on river is visible to prevent paddlers going south of the bridge.

Trip and pictures taken September 2011.

Putting in.

Just out looking north.

The Ware River. Flow is gentle.

It is middle of September and there is this occassional trees in bright autumn colors.

A couple of kayakers.

Still paddling north upriver on Ware River, I should see the Burnshirt River coming from my left soon.

This is just past the confluence with Burnshurt River. Ware River flowing over a beaver dam and dropping a foot or so.
Did not try to paddle up this dam and turned around and pursued the left turn to Burnshirt River.

Paddling upriver on Burnshirt River just past the confluence to Ware River.

Burnshirt River gets narrow.

Hit another beaver dam on Burnshirt River.
At this point, I have been paddling just over an hour and decided to turn around and start my return journey.

Beaver Dam on Burnshirt River.

Now paddling downriver on Burnshirt River. Soon I will be in the fast flowing confluence.

Still on Burnshirt River.

This is the confluence of Burnshirt and Ware Rivers. Viewed from incoming Burnshirt River, Ware is coming fast from the left.

Riding the flow at the confluence of Ware and Burnshirt river.

A kayaker fishing.

Another pair of kayakers.

I can now see and hear Route 122. The put is just another bend to the right.

The Route 122 bridge and the barrier. Take out is on right.

I drove to the Barre Falls Dam after my kayak trip. This is in the recreation area.

The Barre Falls Dam rec area and Ware River in the background looking north.

The Barre Falls Dam outlet.

The rush of water fills the air.

The Ware River from the dam.

Barre Falls Dam Recreation Area.