Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Waquoit Bay - in East Falmouth MA

Rating: Two Stars - The Washburn Island State Park is a very nice spot for a stop. Can be a challenging paddling from one side to the other that requires crossing the motorized boats channel in the middle. We did not explore the arms Seapit and Little rivers and just paddle a counter-clockwise circle along the shoreline of Waquoit Bay. Paddle time was 1 hour 53 minutes.

  Put in at Town Landing Road
  in East Falmouth MA.
Paddle around Waquiot
  Bay and return
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4+ miles
Washburn Island
  State Park
  Alternate put in at
  Will's Work Road.
Best to paddle when
  tide is high.
Channel can be busy
  with marine traffic.
South Cape

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Waquoit Bay - in East Falmouth MA

Other resources:
US Harbors: Falmouth MA Tides Waquot Bay Kayak Trip Report
Waquot Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Mass Govt: South Cape Beach State Park

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On the public launch to Waquoit Bay on Town Landing Road in East Falmouth MA.
Trip date is October 2018.

Today's paddle buddy is the Boston Kayaker's wife.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Waquoit Bay.

Paddling to our right, we will try to follow this shore on right to do a counter-clockwise circle.

Looking to our left, the rest of Waquoit Bay.

The Seapit River in the middle of the picture. We will not enter this river today.

Seapit River.

Separated from the mainland by the Seapit River, in front is the Washburn Island State Park.

The shores of Washburn Island.

Looking on left is the wide open Waquoit Bay.

Just following the shores of Washburn Island on right.

The beaches of Washburn Island.

Looking south we can see the channel out to the Atlantic Ocean.

A powered boat pulling a skier on Waquoit Bay.

Beach Party on Washburn Island.

A cormorant on Waquoit Bay.

Stand-up paddlers.

We are now paddling eastwards toward the other side.
You can see the middle channel for boats is busy.

A look to the right, the channel to open ocean.

The marine traffic channel cuts right in the middle of Waquoit Bay.

Just like a pedestrian wanting to cross a street, we have to wait for these boats to pass to cross to the other side.

Now paddling to cross the middle channel.

Now we are dashing across the marked channel.

Now past the channel and close to the eastern shore of Waquoit Bay.

Taking another break on the southeast corner of Waqouit Bay.

Back on the water, we are paddling northwards.

On the right half of this picture is the Little River.

We are not really too far from the boat channel.

The buoys mark the channel.

We are paddling northwards parallel to the boat channel.

The wind whipping up the water a bit.

From here, we will veer left westwards continuing our counter-clockwise direction.

The parked boats will be the northern area of Waquoit Bay visible from the launch.

I can see the sandy landing.

The public landing directly in front.


Paddle time is 1 hour 53 minutes.