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Kayaking on Wankinco River and Agawam River - in Wareham MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - I was pleasantly surprised that this route is not as urbanized and developed as the route map would suggest. The shorelines are about 98% natural and on long stretches where no roads are visible, Agawam River looks pristine and wild. I paddled mostly under cloud cover with some stretches of sunshine knowing that rains are in the forecast around the time I just expect to finish.
I did not take notice of the tides that day but I started at mid-tide and finished the trip just 10+ minutes just before low tide. I got stuck in 3 places where I was paddling against the mud and at one point I have to get out of my kayak. I have now added the alarm clock icon on the route guide to watch for the tides. I was on the water paddling on this route for 2 hours and 40 minutes round trip.

  Put in at Tremont Nail Factory on
  Elm Street in Wareham MA.
Paddle south then
  east and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 6+ miles
Parker Mills
  Pond Dam
Wankinco and Agawam
  merge into Wareham.
Best to paddle when
  tide is high.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Wankinco River and Agawam River - in Wareham MA

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At the entrance to the abandoned Tremont Nail Factory compound on Elm Street in Wareham MA.
Trip date is May 2015.

The Tremont Nail Factory is a ghost town and only kayakers will bother coming here really.

The put in to Wankinco River from Tremont Nail Factory on Elm Street, Wareham MA.

The Boston Kayaker just launched into Wankinco River.
Looking to my left is the Parker Mills Pond Dam.

Veered to my right and now paddling south to the mouth of Wankinco River.

The Wareham Center train station is on my right, west bank of Wankinco River.

Now approaching the mouth of the Wankinco River where the Wankinco and Agawam Rivers merge to form the Wareham River.
I can now see the Route 6 bridge over Wareham River.

I will veer to my left past this peninsula into Agawam River.

Now at the confluence of Wankinco and Agawam Rivers forming the Wareham River.
Looking at the Route 6 bridge over the Wareham River just before I veer to my left.

Veered to my left, now entering the Agawam River from its mouth.

A seagull on Agawam River.

Agawam River narrows as you get farther in.

The river bank of Agawam exposed at low tide.

A turtle just jumped off from that rock as I was zooming in . . .

An island/rock on the Agawam River.

Some houses on the otherwise undeveloped shores of Agawam River.

Swans in flight over the Agawam River.

Continuing my eastward paddle upriver into the Agawam.

I am approaching the Route 6 bridge . . .

Route 6 bridge over the Agawam River.

Continuing eastward past Route 6 bridge.

An island on Agawam River. I will learn later on my way back not to get too close to the shallow area near this island.

A sizeable bird on the banks of Agawam River.

I am barely floating in this area.

I took now that this swan was standing on just a few inches of water and tried to avoid the shallow patch.

A small waterfalls rushes in from the culverts.

Agawam River narrowing . . .

The last Route 6 bridge (Cranberry Highway) on this kayak route.

I have reached my end of my upriver destination at Route 6 / Cranberry Highway bridge.

Just turned around and now facing downriver.

Much easier to paddle with the flow than against.

Being still late spring and in May, the leaves are still light and budding green.

My kayak and paddle are hitting the muddy botton around this island.

The Route 6 / Sandwich Road bridge.

Hit a shallow patch and have to get out of my kayak.

Back on the water and passing under Route 6 / Sandwich Road bridge.

A group of paddlers on Agawam River.
One canoe with three people and another on his own kayak.

I can now see the houses on the mouth of the Agawam River.

I am now at the confluence of Agawam and Wankinco Rivers forming the Wareham.
To my left is the Route 6 bridge over the Wareham River.

Veering to my left, will paddle back upstream to Wankinco River where I launched.

Entering Wankinco River.

The big signs of "Tremont Nail Co".

Very scratchy over this last stretch but there is my put in.
Total paddling time was 2 hours 40+ minutes.