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Kayaking on Lake Wampanoag - in Gardner MA

Rating: Two Stars - Although its only about 5 miles of downtown Gardner, this lake has the feel of isolation. There is some development on the west shore but hardly any on the east. The lake has some pretty tiny islands. There is one big one at the north end and going around it gives a river-like look. Funny, the reason I pick this route is that I was searching the internet for anyone who kayaked this lake and I did not find any information, not even where to launch. So I decided to come here, find out the launch and then publish this map.

  Put in at Raymond Street
  in Gardner MA.
Paddle around lake
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4 miles
Lake Wampanoag
Lake Wampanoag
  Wildlife Sanctuary

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Lake Wampanoag - in Gardner MA

Other resources:
Mass. Audubon: Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary
Camp Collier on Lake Wampanoag

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The Lake Wampanoag informal kayak launch on Raymond Street in Gardner MA.
Trip date is June 2013

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Lake Wampanoag. Looking north.

Turning northeastwards.

I will initially go east along the southern coast.

A pretty island on Lake Wampanoag.

I can see the walls of the spillway dam.

Closer to the dam . . .

Now paddling north near the dam.

Camp Collier is on the left side of this picture.

Three girls and three kayaks.

This peninsula on the right is the southwestern tip of the big island. I will paddle to the left and circumnavigate this island clock-wise.

Paddling northeast with the island on my right.

I am now at the northeast corner of Lake Wampanoag.

Here at the northeast corner, it is river-like with the island on my right.

I am almost finish round the island and can now see the main body of Lake Wampanoag.

A beaver lodge on Lake Wampanoag.

Jetski at full speed.

I am not crossing the middle of Lake Wampanoag to get to the east side (short cut to my take out).

The launch and take out is to the left of that bridge.

There is my truck and landing.

A glorious paddle on Lake Wampanoag.