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Via Ferrata du Diable - in Lac-Supérieur, Québec

Rating: Four Stars - The best activity we had at Parc national du Mont-Tremblant. We took the "advanced" course that lasted 5 hours. As we ascend the cliffs of La Vache Noire, notice Mont-Tremblant and its ski slopes slowly become visible. Fantastic view of the meanders of Rivière du Diable ("Devil's River").

  Check in at park entrance at Chemin du
  Lac Supérieur, Lac-Supérieur, Québec.
Via Ferrata rock climbing
  on La Vache Noire.
Parc national du
Estimated time for advanced
  course = 5 hours
This is a strictly
  guided ctivity.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Via Ferrata du Diable - in Lac-Supérieur, Québec

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At Parc national du Mont-Tremblant in Lac-Supérieur, Québec, Canada.
July 2014.

At our rented cottage in Parc national du Mont-Tremblant.
Heaving a good breakfast is a must for this 5-hour rock climb.

Getting fitted with helmets and harness.
On left is our guide Gabriel.

Here is the plan . . .

In front of us is Mont de Vache Noire.

Access to the Via Ferrata area is thru a locked gate.

First task is to climb up the ladder then cross the foot bridge over Rivière du Diable ("Devil's River").

Now across the Rivière du Diable.

This is the training and practice area.

Now we are "trained" Via Ferrata climbers.

This section of Rivière du Diable ("Devil's River") is called Les Méandres du Diable ("Devil's Meanders") because of the zig-zag meanders.

Taking a water break.

Our three French-Canadienne companions, Marilyn, Geraldine, and Evelyn.

Information about Parc du Mont-Tremblant.

Gabriel leads us into another vertical climb.

Gabriel relaxing and waiting for the rest of the group.

Gabriel again leading across this foot bridge.

Just got across the foot bridge, looking behind me the rest of the group.

We have now ascended to such a height I can see now the ski slopes of Mont-Tremblant.

Some directions for the lost climber.
"Intermediate" goes up.
"Advanced" (our group), proceed right.

The steps here are a bit small.

Taking a rest break.

Sign says maximum of 1 person at a time on the 1-piece-wood bridge.

For more fun, Qzedell is walking the tightrope backwards.

Reaching the highest point of our climb.

Mont-Tremblant Resort viewed from the summit of Mont de Vache Noire.
We will now start our descent.

Starting our way down.

Crossing back on the foot bridge over Rivière du Diable.

The cliffs of Mont de Vache Noire viewed from the park entrance.