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Kayaking on Tispaquin Pond - in Middleboro MA

Rating: One Star - This pond is in cranberry country and the pond is surrounded by cranberry bogs (not visible from the pond itself). I had a pleasant paddle around this pond in just under 1 hour. There are occassional houses on the shoreline but still mostly greenery.

  Put in at Eldon Street
  in Middleboro MA.
Paddle around Tispaquin
  Pond and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2+ miles
Rocky Gutter Wildlife
  Management Area

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Tispaquin Pond - in Middleboro MA

Other resources:
Mass. Govt: Tispaquin Pond Topography Map in Middleborough MA
Mass. Govt: Tispaquin Pond Topography Map in Middleborough MA (cached copy)

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At the start of Eldon Street off Rocky Gutter Street in Middleboro MA.
Trip date is May 2014.

On Tispaquin Pond.

Just launched on Tispaquin Pond.

Paddling to my right. I will circle Tispaquin Pond counter-clockwise.

Now paddling northwards and will keep the shore to my right.

Fishing from a boat.

To the right of that birdhouse is the small northeasterly cove.

This cove looks like a dead end.

Continuing my paddle northwards.

In front of me is the northern end of Tispaquin Pond.

Continuing my counter-clockwise direction.

I am looking for any interesting inlet or outlet to explore.

This spot looks interesting . . .

I paddled into it but did not get very far. It turns out this is an outlet stream blocked by a small beaver dam where I can hear water flowing out.

Turned around and now looking south on Tispaquin Pond from the north end.

Two men fishing on Tispaquin Pond from a boat.

Three young men on a canoe on Tispaquin Pond.

YMCA's Camp Yomechas on the shore of Tispaquin Pond.