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Kayaking on Tiogue Lake - in Coventry RI

Rating: One Star - A small and round lake in Coventry RI. The shores are mostly developed. I was surprised by the chopiness of the waters when I launched given the small size of the lake. I rounded the lake counter-clockwise in just under an hour. The trip could easily take longer if one is to explore the coves. This was my "dessert" trip just after doing my "main course" on the Pawtuxet River 6 miles north.
I put in at the road side Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park and belatedly found out about the ramp on Route 3 / Tiogue Avenue and is now labeled as the starting point in the map.

  Put in at Tiogue Avenue / Route 3
  ramp in Coventry RI.
Paddle around Tiogue
  Lake and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2+ miles
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park
  - alternate informal put in
Briar Point beach and
  recreation area

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Tiogue Lake - in Coventry RI

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The boat ramp and launch area to Tiogue Lake on Tiogue Avenue / Route 3 in Coventry RI.
Trip date is June 2015.

I only belatedly found out about this access during the paddling trip.

At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park on Arnold Road in Coventry RI.

Tiogue Lake viewed from Arnold Road just north of the park.

Launching into Tiogue Lake from the informal road side put in on Arnold Road.

The Boston Kayaker just launched into Tiogue Lake.
Paddling to my right southwards, will circle Tiogue Pond counter-clockwise.

The Viewnam Veterans Memorial Park on my right.

Surprising how choppy the water is!

Looking to my right is the cove north of Beach Street.

Continuing my southward paddle.

Looking to my right is the cove south of Beach Street.

The beach at Briar Point park.

Landing not allowed on Briar Point.

Continuing south past Briar Point.

The cove on my right south of Briar Point.

To my right is the cove that will lead to the southern point of Lake Tiogue.

Paddling towards the south east corner of Lake Tiogue.

Now on the south east corner of Lake Tiogue.

Looking north on my left at Lake Tiogue from the south east corner.

Veering to my left, now paddling northwards.

Hugging Lake Tiogue's eastern shore on my right.

Looking to my left, I can see the flags on the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Park on the western shore of Lake Tiogue.

Continuing my northward paddle along the eastern shore.

Ahead of my is the north eastern corner of Lake Tiogue.

At the north east corner of Lake Tiogue.

Veering left . . .

Now paddling westwards along the north shore of Lake Tiogue.

I belatedly discovered this ramp on the north shore of Lake Tiogue on Route 3 / Tiogue Avenue.

Landed for a break at the public launch area on Route 3.

Back on the water of Lake Tiogue. Paddling westward.

Now rounding the north west corner of Lake Tiogue.

I can see my pick-up and landing site on Arnold Road.

Landed on Arnold Road's informal put in.
Paddle time was 40 minutes.