Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Thames River - from Gales Ferry CT to Groton CT

Rating: Two Stars - I was paddling at the eastern side (river left) and I got accosted by a naval base boat patrol and was told to kayak the other side of of the river. There is a submarine turned museum on the east (forbidden) side. Mixture of undeveloped greenery, spotty residential homes, some industrial structures . . . Take out is under the I-95 North bridge.

  Put in at Stoddard Hill State Park
  on Route 12 in Gales Ferry CT.
Take out at Fairview Avenue
  in Groton CT.
Estimated distance
  = 8 miles
Stay clear off naval
  submarine base.
  Alternate put in at Gales
  Ferry Boat Ramp.
Alternate take out at State Pier
  Road in New London CT.
Boating on Thames
  - kayak rentals
Submarine Force

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Thames River - from Gales Ferry CT to Groton CT

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At the Stoddard Hill State Park launch cove off Route 12 in Gales Ferry CT.

The Boston Kayaker launching into the Thames River.

Just launched. My son at the railroad bridge taking photos.

Ducking to fit under the railbridge.

Coincidentally, a train is coming by over the railbridge that I just crossed under.

Paddling south on a one-way trip on the Thames River.

Looking to my right at the western shore.

A buoy extending into the water. I suppose they do not want boats to come closer.

Choppy waters.

Some industrial behemoth. It was actually operating based on what I heard when I passed by.

I can see the I-95 bridges a few miles in front of me.

The Yale University boathouse on my left.

I can not resist beaching on this sandy spot.

Looking at the west shore of Thames River.

Back on the Thames River.

The start of the naval base is on my left.

After this photo was taken, a naval patrol boat accosted me and told me to "kayak on the other side of the river".

Complying with the patrol boat, paddling away from the easter shore towards the middle of the river.

Now in the middle of the river paddling southwards.

The Submarine Force Museum.
Includes an old submarine turned museum on the water.

Landed under the I-95 northbound bridge.

Road sign to the Thames River access under the I-95 bridge.