Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Suncook River - from Allenstonw NH to Suncook NH

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  Put in at Brookside Terrace
  in Allenstown NH.
Take out at Bridge Park on
  Route 3 in Suncook NH.
Estimated distance
  = 3+ miles
Buck Street
  West Dam
Suncook Reservoir
Bear Brook
  State Park

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Suncook River - from Allenstonw NH to Suncook NH

Other resources:
Friends of the Suncook River

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The put in to Suncook River at Brookside Terrace in Allenstown NH.
Please do not go more than a few feet into Brookside Terrace respect the private property.
Pictures taken June 2014.

Suncook River viewed from Brookside Terrace put in.
The breached Buck Stret West Dam at the center of picture.

At Bridge Park on the downstream side of Route 3 double-deck bridge in Suncook NH.

The Bridge Park parking area.

The take out spot in Bridge Park near the bridge.

The Route 3 double-deck bridge seen from the take out.

The upriver side of the Rotue 3 double-deck bridge.

Suncook Connection Bridge
In 1931, the N.H. State Highway Department build an unusual double-deck truss bridge over the Suncook River to remove traffic on the Daniel Webster Highway (Route 3) from Main Street in Suncook Village. Designed by Harold E. Langley (1896-1991), an award-winning department engineer, the bridge allowed high-speed bypass travel on the upper deck while providing connections with the Suncook Valley Road (Buck Street) on the lower deck. It was the only double-deck bridge in N.H. when it was replaced in 2007. Local sentiment persuaded highway officials to build a similar but larger span.