Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Suncook River - in Pittsfield NH

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - I paddled upriver and got out of my kayak twice over shallow spots and pulled my kayak until I gave up and turned around.

  Put in at Drake Field on Barnstead
  Road / Route 107 in Pittsfield NH.
Paddle upriver as far as
  navigable and return.
Paddle on Pittsfield
  Mill Pond and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3.5 miles
Pittsfield Pond
  Mill Dam

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Suncook River - in Pittsfield NH

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Friends of the Suncook River

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In historic Pittsfield NH. Carroll Street.
Trip date is June 2014.

Yellow Block
This is the former site of the "Yellow Block," erected by Charles H.O. Green in 1883. One of the most beautiful tenements in Pittsfield, it comfortably housed five or six families. After years of gradual decline, it was purchased by the town in 1992 and demolished in 1995. Two years later the Selectment sold the land to the Historical Society for this park.

Yellow Block Park in Pittsfield NH.

The launch on Barnstead Road / Route 107 bridge in Pittsfield NH.

The Boston Kayaker just launced on Pittsfield Mill Pond and Suncook River.

Heading to my right upriver.

Passing under the Route 107 bridge on Suncook River.

On my left is the Centennial Park with barbecue pits and picnic benches.

Rocks on Suncook River.

On my left is Route 107.

I can see a rock garden and hear some rushing water.

A patch of shallow and speedy water. Can not really paddle against the flow on this one.

Got out of my kayak and dragged it over the shallow patch.

Back inside my kayak and continuing my upriver paddle.

Not much paddling and another rock garden in front of me.

Need to get out of my kayak and surveying the river.

Looking downriver is much more inviting the the rock gardens upriver.

Just turned around and now paddling downriver back to where I launched.

This is the spot where I have to dismount earlier because I can not paddle against the flow.
Will go left and ride the flow.

Riffles on Suncook River.

I noticed the submerged rocks are painted yellow . . .

Ahead of me is where Suncook River gets close to Route 107.

Passing by the Centennial Park picnic area again now on my right.

Route 107 bridge within sight.

On my left is the launch area where I came from. I can see my black pickup.

Bypassed the launch area and continuing to Pittsfield Mill Pond.

On Pittsfield Mill Pond.

Bridge Street bridge.

Passing under Bridge Street bridge on Suncook River in Pittesfield NH.

Orange buoys mark the Pittsfield Mill Pond Dam.

I landed on a patch on the west side of Pittsfield Mill Pond Dam.

Pittsfield Mill Pond Dam.

Suncook River flowing over Pittsfield Mill Pond Dam.

Back paddling on Suncook River / Pittsfield Mill Pond Dam.

The Route 107 bridge. Just before that bridge is where I take out.

Landing on the launch ramp at the Route 107 bridge in Pittsfield NH.
That was a pleasant trip.