Boston Kayaker

Biking on Stowe Bike Path - in Stowe VT

Rating: Three Stars - A good five-mile-plus bike route that crosses the Little River back-and-forth via more than 6 pedestrian/bike bridges. We biked this one-way but found out later we cound have done a round trip. Excerpt from the Stowe Tourist website:
"The Stowe Recreation Path is free for use by all and remains a perennial favorite among visitors and area residents alikes. People of all ages enjoy spectacular views and a mostly flat and level path experience, allowing easy traveling along the entire length of the path. The Stowe Recreation Path is open all year long and is enjoyed by cyclists, runners, rollerbladers, as well as nordic skiers during the winter months. The Rec Path features attractive bridges, swimming holes and picnic tables, as well as many quiet spots to take in the beautiful views of Stowe and area mountains.

  Start on Brooks Road
  in Stowe VT.
End parking lot behind church
  on Maple Street in Stowe VT.
Estimated distance
  = 5.4 miles
Brookdale Covered
Stowe Community

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Biking on Stowe Bike Path - in Stowe VT

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At the start of the Stowe Bike Path on Brooks Road in Stowe VT.
Trip date is July 2013.

Unloading our bikes. On the pickup bed is the Boston Kayaker's son.
On the ground is my son's girlfriend and my brother-in-law.

The Brookdale Covered Bridge over the West Branch of the Little River.

The weather today and in the last few days is spotty.
Rain then sun then rain then sun.

Off we go biking on the Stowe Bike Path.

We stopped at the banks of the West Branch Little River.

The Boston Kayaker's son and girlfriend.

The Boston Kayaker and brother-in-law on the Stowe Bike Path.

There is one road crossing on this bike path.

I can see the church steeple.

We ended our trip at the parking lot behind the Stowe Community Church.
The timestamps on the pictures tell me we took a little over 40 minutes from start to end.