Boston Kayaker

Whale Watching on Fleuve Saint-Laurent - (St. Lawrence River) in Tadoussac, Québec

Rating: Four Stars - To see these giant marine mammals this close is a life's privilege! Cruising to the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord made this trip outstanding.

  Board one of the whale watching cruises on
  Tadoussac harbor in Tadoussac, Quebec.
Cruise to the middle of St-Laurent
  River and whale watch.
Detour to the mouth of Saguenay
  Fjord then return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 16 miles
  Parc Marin Natl Saguenay-St-Laurent
  (Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park)
Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay
  (Saguenay Fjord National Park)
Free ferry provided by Quebec
  provincial government.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Whale Watching on Fleuve Saint-Laurent - (St. Lawrence River) in Tadoussac, Québec

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AML Whalewatch Cruise: Tadoussac aboard the Grand Fleuve

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On the south bank of the Saguenay River at Baie-Ste-Catherine, Québec.
Trip date is July 2010.

Ferries crossing the Saguenay River from Baie-Ste-Catherine and Tadoussac.
The free ferry ride provided by the Quebec provincial government runs every 15 minutes or so during peak summer time.

We are now boarding the ferry to cross the Saguenay River to Tadoussac.

No traffic restrictions on this ferry. Everyone on-board!

We just started the short trip. At the background is the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord.

About to dock on the Tadoussac side of Saguenay River.


In Tadoussac, the friendly AML lady where we bought our whale watching tickets.

The landmark red-roofed Hotel Tadoussac.

Walking to the pier.

Tadoussac waterfront.

On the pier in Tadoussac waiting for our whale watch ship.
Kayakers in the background.

Now on board the whale watch ship. Just leaving the harbour.

The Boston Kayaker as whale watcher on Saint Lawrence River in Québec.

Sand dunes.

Off-shore lighthouse.

Whale sightings are more like this . . . very rarely they will jump out of the water for your camera!

Here is a whale that is approaching the left side of the ship.

The whale getting closer and blowing. Everyone trying to take a good shot of the whale.

There it is!

A sister ship.

On our way back to Tadoussac pier, we saw this pair of beluga (white) whales.

Before returning to pier, we were taken a few minutes into the Saguenay Fjord.

Back to Tadoussac.

Later in the day, we are back to where we are staying at L-Anse-Saint-John, Québec.

Our view of the Saguenay Fjord from our cottage at Les Gites du Fjord.