Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Stafford Pond - in Tiverton RI

Rating: Two Stars - This is a nice little hidden jem with boulder-strewn shore lines. Says on the launch that no swimming allowed but I saw people and dogs on the water. I circled Stafford Pond counter-clockwise. Paddle time was 1 hour 10 minutes.

  Put in at Old Stafford Road
  in Tiverton RI.
Paddle around Stafford
  Pond and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3+ miles
Swimming not allowed
  on water supply pond.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Stafford Pond - in Tiverton RI

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At the Stafford Pond launch on Old Stafford Road in Tiverton RI.
Trip date is August 2015.

The entrance to the launch can be easily mistaken for a private driveway as I did initally.

The launch parking lot can accomodate more than a few but can be crowded.

Portable loos.

Positively no swimming on Stafford Pond.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Stafford Pond in Tiverton RI.

Veering to my right, the plan is to circle Stafford Pond counter-clockwise.

Just out of the launch cove . . .

Continuing northwards keeping the shore on my right.

A man fishing from the boulders of Stafford Pond.

Other paddlers on Stafford Pond.

A sailing catamaran on Stafford Pond.

The resident birds of Stafford Pond.

The northern-most cove of Stafford Pond.
will veer to my left and skip this cove.

Now paddling westwards to the other side of Stafford Pond.

Continuing my counter-clockwise paddle, now facing south.

The western coast of Stafford Pond on my right.

A couple of kayakers on Stafford Pond.

Not sure what these painted markings on the rocks mean: "4/5"

Looking to my left, the eastern coast of Stafford Pond.

On the south end of Stafford Pond is this cluster of red/pink buoys.

A backyard cliff overlooking Stafford Pond.

In front of me is the south end of Stafford Pond.

A turtle sunbatching on a rock on Stafford Pond.

That big house there is just next to the launch area where I am heading back.

Now paddling northerly with the eastern coast of Stafford Pond on my right.

The launch cove.

Now approaching the launch area.

Landed. Paddle time is 1 hour 10 minutes.