Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Smith and Sayles Reservoir - in Glocester RI

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - One side of the shore is like a mountain range green with trees. Some beaches with with lots of people since it was 4th of July when I paddled. Lake busy with powered boats but does not really bother me. Good workout I did a round-trip in 1 hour and 5 minutes.

  Put in at Sand Dam Road
  in Glocester RI.
Paddle around reservoir
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2.5+ miles
Smith and
  Sayles Dam
Keech Pond

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Smith and Sayles Reservoir - in Glocester RI

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At the Smith & Sayles Reservoir launch area at Sand Dam Road in Glocester RI.
Trip date is Independence Day July 4th, 2016.

Launch area has enough room for 10+ cars.

The public access ramp to Smith and Sayles Reservoir.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Smith and Sayles Reservoir.
Paddled to my right (south). Will do a counter-clockwise circle around the reservoir.

Immediately to the right of the ramp is this jutting peninsula blocking the souther part of the reservoir.

Powered boats on Smith and Sayles.

Just passed the peninsula, I can now see the rest of the southern portion of Smith and Sayles.
A couple of kayakers on Smith and Sayles. They launched a few minutes before me earlier.

Continuing my southern paddle.

Private Island! You can look but not touch. What a shame!

Looking to my left (north).
Private island on left of picture.

Continuing to follow the coast to my right.

Looking to my left, the western shore of Smith and Sayles.

A blue heron on the shores of Smith and Sayles.

To my right, a cove, a geese rookery.

Another cove on my right.

Happy campers.

A big Fourth-of-July party.

Kids and kiddie-kayaks.

Paddling towards the southern tip of Smith and Sayles.

In front of me is the southern tip of Smith and Sayles.

Pivot to my left.

Continuing my counter-clockwise and now paddling northerly keeping the coast on my right.

Swimmers on Smith and Sayles.

A blue heron in flight over the Smith and Sayles.

Approaching the northern end of Smith and Sayles.

Chestnut Hill Road. The northern end of the reservoir.

Paddling towards the northwest corner. Chestnut Hill road on my right.

The Smith and Sayles dam at the northwest corner of the reservoir.
Sign says "Stay back 200 feet.".

Another pivot to the left and now paddling southerly direction.

Approaching the ramp where I cam from.

Landed. Paddle time is 1 hour 5 minutes.

Smith and Sayles launch area picture taken October 2012.

Autumn colors in Smith and Sayles.