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Kayaking on Sapowet Marsh - in Tiverton RI

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - The Sapowet Marsh--east of the Seapowet Avenue bridge--is is a quiet flat water paddle in sharp contrast to the choppy Sakonnet River west of the Seapowet Avenue bridge. I explored the marsh during low-tide (better at high tide) and chased one branch of the marsh until it became too narrow to allow me to turn around my kayak. I only paddled the southern arm on this trip.

  Put in at Seapowet Avenue
  in Tiverton RI.
Paddle to the north and south
  branches then return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3.5+ miles
Best to paddle when
  tide is high.
  Sapowet Marsh
  Wildlife Preserve
Public beach and
  fishing area.
Boating not allowed
  on Nonquit Pond.
Emile Reuker
  Wildlife Refuge

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Sapowet Marsh - in Tiverton RI

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In Tiverton RI along Nannaquaket Road on the way to Sapowet Marsh.
Trip date is July 2014.

On the northeast side of Seapowet Avenue bridge in Tiverton RI.

I launched from the northeast side of Seapowet Avenue bridge within an hour of receding to low-tide.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Sapowet Marsh.
Seapowet Avenue bridge on my right.

Paddling eastward into Sapowet Marsh.

Only after I launched did I notice this easier put in spot of the Seapowet Avenue bridge.
This spot is now my starting point in the map above.

The Seapowet Marsh splits into two main branches from here.

Veering right, will paddle to southern arm.

A cormorant on Sapowet Marsh.

At low tide, the Sapowet Marsh is barely navigable in places.

On my right is a small branch of Sapowet Marsh.

The marsh water is getting narrower.

I found this canal-like section of Sapowet Marsh.

At this point, my path forward is too narrow to turn around my kayak.

On my left is another branch of Sapowet Marsh.
Here, I decided to do a 3-point turn using this smaller branch on my left.

Just turned around and now paddling back.

Inter-tidal critters on Sapowet Marsh. They go into their holes once they detect my presence.

Sapowet Marsh getting wider now.

I can see the Seapowet Avenue bridge.

Discarded fish bones.


Sapowet Marsh viewed from the Seapowet Avenue bridge.

The beach and recreation area west of Seapowet Avenue bridge.