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Kayaking on Sampsons Pond - in Carver MA

Rating: Half-Star - I paddled around this pond for one hour and twenty minutes on a cloudy morning when it was raining earlier. The paddle on the water itself was ok with mostly developed shores. I rated this route poorly because all the access to the pond are marked "Carver Residents Only" and the nearby street with "No Parking" signs. If you will paddle this pond, do it early in the season when the ponds are not much in use. I propose that all towns in Massachusetts unite and ban Carver residents from all the lakes and ponds outside Carver.

  Put in at Lakeview Street
  in Carver MA.
Paddle around Sampsons
  Pond and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2.5+ miles
Beach and parking for
  Carver residents.
Boat ramp for
  Carver residents.
No street

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Sampsons Pond - in Carver MA

Other resources:
Mass. Govt.: Sampsons Pond Bathymetry Map
Mass. Govt.: Sampsons Pond Bathymetry Map (cached copy)

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Entrance to the Sampsons Pond beach on Lakeview Street in Carver MA.
Use of Sampsons Beach and parking lot restricted to Carver residents during the season.
Trip date is May 2014.

At Sampsons Pond beach.

Just launched on Sampsons Pond.
Cloudy skies but forecast is for sun to come out.

I am veering right and will paddle Sampsons Pond counter-clockwise.

Just paddling along the shore on my right.

This one looks like an apartment complex.

On my right is the same apartment complex's other side.

Long stretches of the Sampsons Pond shore are undeveloped.

To the right will be the north eastern cove.

Sampsons Cove northeastern cove.

Entering the cove. Will follow the shoreline on my right.

It rained all night long and early morning and yet sprinklers are on . . .

Looking south at Sampsons Pond from the northeastern end.

I will be rounding this peninsula on the right and should take me to the northwestern cove.

I am now at the northwestern end of Sampsons Pond and now paddling southern direction.

Some interesting rocks. Will approach.

Sampsons Pond boat ramp.
For Carver residents only.

Just next to the boat ramp is this informal launch.
"Carver residents only" and "No Parking" signs everywhere.

Looking north on Sampsons Pond from the southern end.

That brown spot of sand is where I am returning to.

The signs at the Sampsons Pond boat ramp.

Picnic table for Carver residents.