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Kayaking on Salmon Brook - in Dunstable MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - This is a hidden jewel of a kayak destination. The route name itself "Salmon Brook" is understatement. By size and water flow, by beauty, this brook should be upgraded to a river. There is one beaver dam just before the takeout that drops about 20 or so inches and can be scouted. The isolated greenery merited 2.5 stars! Paddle time was short but sweet 1 hour 10 minutes.

  Put in at Route 113 bridge
  in Dunstable MA.
Portage around Main Street
  bridge. Alternate put in spot.
Take out at Arched Bridge on
  High Street in Dunstable MA.
  Estimated distance
  = 2.5+ miles
2-foot beaver dam - scout
  first from the takeout
Arched Bridge
  Conservation Area

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Salmon Brook - in Dunstable MA

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In Dunstable MA. Trip date is June 2017.

Scouting the beaver dam at the takeout at the Arched Bridge Conservation Area on High Street.
This beaver dam drops about 2-feet and is definitely runnable.

Now at the put in at the Pleasant Street (Route 113) bridge in Dunstable MA.

Today's co-paddler is the Boston Kayaker's wife.

After launch, we paddled to the left, and now looking south at the underneath of the Route 113 bridge.
We will paddle this tunnel to the Lower Massapoag Pond another day.

Turning around clockwise, that was our launch spot and my pickup at the side of Route 113.

Now facing north and paddling with the flow on Salmon Brook.

The Boston Kayaker at the back of the tandem kayak on Salmon Brook in Dunstable MA.

A beaver lodge on Salmon Brook.

This turtle just mooned us. A turtle's tale.

Approaching the Main Street bridge.

Main Street bridge will turn out to be a bridge too low!

Landed on the right bank and will portage across Main Street.

Just launched from the northeast side of Main Street bridge and now back on Salmon Brook.

This brook zig-zags a lot.

Another beaver lodge on Salmon Brook.

Water lillies on Salmon Brook.

Another beaver lodge coming up.

We can hear the water rushing the beaver dam . . .

This is the view of the beaver dam taken earlier from the bank.

We are lining up the kayak to face the dam.

Approaching the top of the breached portion of beaver dam . . .

Front end of kayak just dropped over the beaver dam!

Woohoo! That was a nice drop.

The beaver dam we just went over.

A group of people gathered at the Arched Bridge takout.

Just landed.

The Arched Bridge over Salmon Brook.

Will use this electric bike to get my pickup from where we launched at Route 113.

The road sign for the Arched Bridge Conservation Area on High Street in Dunstable MA.