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Kayaking on Quinsigamond River and Lake Ripple - in Grafton MA

Rating: Two Stars - Lake Ripple is smallish and the eastern shore busy with houses and Route 122 traffic. However, once you paddle upstream past the lake and the river gets smaller, you get closer to nature and some wildlife. Under 2 hours round trip for me.

  Put in near dam off Brigham
  Hill Road in Grafton MA.
Paddle north upriver
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4 miles
Lake Ripple
  Alternate put in at
  Ekblaw Landing.
Lake Ripple Conservation
Tunnel under I-90 Snow Marsh

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Quinsigamond River and Lake Ripple - in Grafton MA

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The third house on Brigham Hill Road. Entrance to Lake Ripple Conservation Area is the dirt road to the left of this house.

Lake Ripple Conservation Area. Trip date is May 2012.

Just launched on Quinsigamond River.

This picture and others below, taken by my son from the launch,

I am paddling north to get into Lake Ripple's main body.

I am looking to my right, the eastern part of Lake Ripple.

I am continuing paddling north upstream.

The eastern bank is developed but the western side is not.

There is the Route 122 bridge.

Some folks fishing from Ekblaw Landing.

There's the Route 122 bridge.

At this point, you can heer and see the traffic on I-90. Tunnels also visible.

I picked the right tunnel. Will try the other one on way back.

Me and this bird spent minutes watching each other.

I have to duck my head and crawl underneath this rail bridge but I did manage to pass under.

The resident swan on Quinsigamond River.

I can not see now where the river is so I have reached my point of return.

This rail bridge that I just went under is an active rail line . . .

I am not on my return journey paddling downstream to where I started and will pass under this rail bridge again.

The Route 122 bridge.

Ah! Another kayaker.

There is a marker on the bridge saying "Quinsigamond River".

A family fishing from the shore.

The Ekblaw Landing.

There is a party of 30+ people going on at that riverside backyard.

Lake Ripple Dam to the left of launch.