Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Quaddick Pond - in Thompson CT

Rating: Two Stars - My wife paddled this pond September 2016. It took us 2 hours+ paddling around. Water is crear and clean. Occassional power boats. There are two bridges on this pond that divides Quaddick Pond in to 3 sections (northern, middle, and southern). Paddle time was 1 hour 45 minutes.

  Put in at state park ramp on Quaddick
  Town Farm Road in Thompson CT.
Paddle around Quaddick
  Lake and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4.5+ miles
  Middle and southern sections can be
  busy with powered boats.
Thompson International
Quaddick State

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Quaddick Pond - in Thompson CT

Other resources:
CT Govt: Quaddick State Park (will open in new window)
Quaddick Lake Association
Thompson International Speedway

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At the entrance to Quaddick State Park on Quaddick Town Farm Road in Thompson CT.
Trip date is September 2016.

At the boat ramp at Quaddick State Park.

The Boston Kayaker just launched onto Quaddick Pond.

Paddling to our right from the launch northwards.

State park picnic tables next to the launch area.

The Boston Kayaker's wife and co-paddler.

RV campgrounds.

Approaching the Baker Street bridge.

Paddling under the wooden Baker Street Bridge northwards.

Now north of the Baker Street bridge.

Water lily flowers on Quaddick Pond.

Not very far into the northern section, we decided to turn around and head back.

Now paddling southwards back to Baker Street bridge.

On the northwest side of Baker Street bridge is this informal access to Quaddick Pond.

Crossing Baker Street southwards back to the middle section of Quaddick Pond.

Now at the middle section of Quaddick Pond.

Approaching the Brandy Hill Road bridge.

Ducking below Brandy Hill Road bridge.

Following the coast on the left, will circle the southern section clockwise.

Approaching the southeast corner of the lower section.

Pivoting to my right, the southern bank is on my left.

Looking to my left, Quaddick Pond viewed from the south end.

Continuing westward paddle, that corner there (left half of picture) is where the Quaddick Pond dam is.

Powered-boats on Quaddick Pond.

Now at the southwest corner of Quaddick Pond, the top of the dam I can see.

Top of Quaddick Pond dam.

Another right-pivot and I am now facing northwards.

My wife's camera lens wet from the splashes.

Passing under the Brandy Hill bridge back to the middle section.

Rosalie's Island on Quaddick Pond (just my term).

The state park beach. Some 100+ yards farther is the state ramp.

Quaddick State Park beach.

Paddle time is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Leaving Quaddick State Park.