Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Quaboag Pond and East Brookfield River - in Brookfield MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - It was middle October and the temperatures are above average so we ventured out for our last kayak trip for the season. This route is a combo of a sizeable Quaboag Pond and short side trip to East Brookfield River. We paddled about a mile into East Brookfield River then when have to turn around as it became too shallow. We then circled Quaboag Pond to the south tail lock and around. A lot of trees have shredded their leaves already but still plenty of color left. Total paddle time was 2 hours 5 minutes.

  Put in Quaboag Street
  ramp in Brookfield MA.
Paddle around
  Quaboag Pond.
Paddle north
  under bridge.
Paddle up into East Brookfield River
  and return. Can be shallow.
  Estimated round trip
  distance = 5+ miles
Lake Lock and
  Level Control
Lashaway Lake
Expect beaver dams
  on this route.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Quaboag Pond and East Brookfield River - in Brookfield MA

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At the Quaboag Pond state ramp on Quaboag Street in Brookfield MA.
Trip date is October 2016.

Plenty of parking spaces here at the state public access to Quaboag Pond.

The Boston Kayaker and wife just launched into Quaboag Pond and turned left from the ramp.

Looking south, Quaboag Pond on our right. Cloudy skies.

Approaching the bridge so we can enter the East Brookfield River.

Passing under the Shore Road bridge over the East Brookfield River.
At the mouth of the East Brookfield River are the beginnings of a beaver dam!

Just entered East Brookfield River.

The colors would have been brighter if the sun is out . . .

The Shore Road on left is initially parallel to East Brookfield River.

East Brookfield River bending to the right.

A beaver lodge on East Brookfield River.

Another beaver lodge.

A lot of the trees are completely out of their leaves . . .

The East Brookfield is getting narrower and shallower.

Our kayak has been scraping the aquatic plants on the river bed,

At this point we are stuck on the mud and can not paddle our selves forward.

We just turned around and now paddling downstream on the East Brookfield River.

We landed for a short break. The Boston Kayaker's wife.

The Boston Kayaker on the banks of East Brookfield River.

Back on East Brookfield River.

With Shore Road on right, we are now approaching the mouth of East Brookfield River under the bridge.

The Boston Kayaker at the back of the tandem kayak.

The Shore Road bridge over the mouth of East Brookfield River.

Entering Quaboag Pond via under Shore Road bridge.

On Quaboag Pond.

We will now veer left and circle the Quaboag Pond clock-wise.

Paddling southwards with the eastern shore on our left.

Waterfront houses on Quaboag Pond's eastern shore.

Continuing south.

In the middle of the picture is the southern tail of Quaboag Pond.

A guy fishing from a boat on Quaboag Pond.

Now approaching the narrow southern tail of Quaboag Pond.

Just entered Quaboag Pond's southern tail.

A "No Wake" sign on its side.

I can now see the Quaboag Pond lock.

We will land on the right beside the lock for a short break.

My wife chose to stay in the kayak.

These ducks near the lock have rock-n-roll hair!

Back on Quaboag Pond.

Paddling north to the main body.

Entering Quaboag Pond's main body.

We are veering to the left northwestwards to continue our clockwise on Quaboag Pond.

Looking slightly to my right northwards, in the middle of the picture is the ramp where we came from.

Paddling northwest following the shores on our left.

We are now approaching the western corner of Quaboag Pond.

In the middle of the picture is the west corner of Quaboag Pond and the headwaters of Quaboag River.

Pivoting to our right . . .

Now facing eastwards on our last leg of our clockwise circumnavigation of Quaboag Pond.

Approaching the ramp.

Landed back on Quaboag Pond ramp.
Total paddle is 2 hours and 25 minutes.