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Kayaking on Pine Creek and Gorge - from Ansonia PA to Blackwell PA

Rating: Three Stars - The Pine Creek Gorge is called "The Great Canyon of the East". The scenic view from the river should be spectacular. Throwing in some moderate rapids along the make this three-star route.

  Put in at Big Meadow Park on Big
  Meadown Lane in Ansonia PA.
Take out at Blackwell
  Square in Blackwell PA.
Estimated distance
  = 17 miles
Pine Creek
  Owassee Rapids Class I-III
  in 2 miles. Scout first.
Alternate take out at
  village of Tiadaghton.
Colton Point
  State Park
Leonard Harrison
  State Park
  Check gauge at Cedar Run.
  Best at 3 feet +- 6 inches.
Pine Creek Rail Trail runs
  along the east bank.
Pine Creek Outfitters
  kayak rentals

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Pine Creek and Gorge - from Ansonia PA to Blackwell PA

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USGS Pine Creek Gauge at Cedar Run PA
Colton Point State Park
Leonard Harrison State Park
PA Govt: Paddling Pine Creek: A Spring Tradition (bottom of page)
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Picture date May 2012. We we would have kayaked this but was too shallow.
At Route 6, the sign on the entrance to Big Meadow Park put in.

Plenty of parking for 50+ cars.

Pine Creek access at Big Meadow Park.

From the put in looking north, I see the Route 6 bridge.

From the put in looking south downriver.

We checked out the Pine Creek Gorge from the Leonard Harrison State Park lookout.

This Turkey Path hiking trail leads down to the Pine Creek gorge.

From the park lookout, looking south at Pine Creek Gorge.

Looking north.

2 kayakers on Pine Creek gorge seen from the lookout.

Two days later, we biked on the Pine Creek biking trail.

We reached our point of return at Tiadaghton.

Wading into Pine Creek.

On Pine Creek looking north.

On Pine Creek looking south.