Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Pawcatuck River and Wordens Pond - from South Kingstown RI to Kenyon RI

Rating: Three Stars - As kayak route goes, this route has many of the features I like. Starts on big open water, and then the challenge of finding the outlet headwaters of Pawcatuck River. Then into this tiny river where my paddle more than covers the river shore to shore. Pleny of downed tress to maneuver around, under, or over. The good volunteers of the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association are doing a great job making this route passable. This is mid-June and the brush are just moderately grown and easily manageable. I imagine this can be a problem in the summer. The Pawcatuck on this has many zigzags and hairpin turns that leaves me guessing which way it will turn next. I got into a confluence where I thought the Queen's River is entering from the right (I veered left) only to find a bigger confluence later which turned up to be the merging with Queen's River (again I veered left). Once the railtracks and the electrified wires over it are visible, there will be a fork and the inlet to to the right will get you to Biscuit City Landing. The paddle trip was 1 hour and 40 minutes.

  Put in at Wordens Pond Road ramp
  in South Kingstown RI.
Paddle north west to head
  waters of Pawcatuck River.
A brook enters on river
  right. Veer left.
Queen's River merges
  from right. Veer left.
At railtrack, paddle
  to right inlet.
  Take out at Biscuit City Landing on
  Kenyon School Road in Kenyon RI.
Estimated distance =
  5 miles
Kenyon Mill
  Pond Dam
Overhanging poison ivy.
  Wear hat, long sleeves.
Public beach and
  recreation area

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Pawcatuck River and Wordens Pond - from South Kingstown RI to Kenyon RI

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At Worden's Pond launch at Worden's Pond Road in South Kingston RI.
Trip date is June 2015.

The boat ramp to Worden's Pond.

The Boston Kayaker launching into Worden's Pond enroute to Pawcatuck River.

Just launched and looking north at Worden's Pond.

That is the Boston Kayaker's son taking pictures beside the Worden's Pond ramp.

Paddling to the left westwards.

Will follow the shoreline on my left.

Approaching the public beach . . .

The public beach and recreation area on Worden's Pond just west of the launch.

Continuing my westward paddle.

Looking to my right (north), the rest of Worden Pond.

A speeding boat on Worden Pond.

Getting closer to the western shore.

Somewhere here is the outlet headwaters of the Pawcatuck River . . .

Searching for the Pawcatuck . . .

Found the outlet clearing . . .
This picture is viewed from some 100 feet into the outlet looking back at Worden.

Now paddling into the start head waters of the Pawcatuck River.

Remnants of a breached beaver dam.

Plenty of downed trees on this stretch of the Pawcatuck River.

Thru out this route, the volunteers' have done a good work of cutting downed trees to make passageway.

I just hit a roadfork that this picture is not wide enough to show!
This spot is similar to a road running out and hitting a T.

Looking at my right, a brook enters and joins the Pawcatuck River.

Just veered to my left, following the flow of Pawcatuck River.

Power lines over Pawcatuck River.

This tree, with its main trunk partially submerged,
is still much alive and growing.

At the confluence of Queen's River (a.k.a. "Usquepaugh" river) and Pawcatuck River.
Looking to my right is the Queen's River merging into the Pawcatuck.

Veering left staying with the flow of the Pawcatuck River, now slightly bigger after merging with Queen's.

I can now see the power lines on the rail tracks.

Now I see this inlet to my right. Will veer right.

Just got into the inlet towards the Biscuit City landing.

There is my landing on the other side of the rail tracks!
Total paddle time was 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The Biscuit City Landing road marker at the end of Kenyon School Road.

Biscuit City Landing launch and parking area.

Next to the Biscuit City Landing is this padlocked rail track area.