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Kayaking on Pascoag Reservoir - a.k.a. "Echo Lake" in Chepachet RI

Rating: One Star - I had a 2-hour paddle around this lake. I skipped the northwest cove. The leaves are in the midst of changing colors and should peak in another week. The shores are mostly developed.

  Put in at Brandy Brook Road
  in Chepachet RI.
Paddle around reservoir
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4+ miles
Pascoag Reservoir
  Upper Dam

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Pascoag Reservoir - a.k.a.

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At the Pascoag Reservoir (aka Echo Lake) launch.
Trip date is October 2012.

Launch area parking lot.

Paddling out of the launch cove.

It is that cloudy New England fall day. Dark skys for 9 days now.

I am now about to emerge out of the cove marked by these trees on my left.

Now out of the launch cove and facing north on the main lake body.

For now, following the shore on my left.

At this point, I am paddling towards the eastern cove.
I decided to skip over this northwest cove on my left.

The northwest cove of Pascoag Reservoir (aka Echo Lake).

This red tree is the tip of the peninsula dividing the Pascoag.
I will paddling around this to the left.

Past the island, I am now on the northeast cove.

Paddling north and hugging the shore on my left.

I have reached the north end of the Pascoag Reservoir marked by the dam and water lock.

The dam closer.

I am now paddling eastward and will try to hug the other shore on the way back.

Pascoag Reservoir viewed from the north end.

I am now paddling south and hugging the eastern shore on my left.

A pontoon boat on Pascoag Reservoir.

A couple on a canoe on Pascoag Reservoir.

Two guys fishing from a boat on Pascoag Reservoir.

I am done on the eastern shore and now paddling southwest to the launch cove.

The southern cove of Pascoag Reservoir.

In front of me, center of the picture, is the launch cove.

Before disappearing to the launch cove, I looked north at the main body of the Pascoag Reservoir and took this photo.

I can see the launch ramp clearly now.

I was on the water from 10:19am to 12:02pm. That's 1 hour and 43 minutes.