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Kayaking On Palmer River - in Warren RI

Rating: Two Stars - This river interested me as there are no written articles in the internet about any kind of boating in this river. Until now. The river at the put in starts narrow with a quiet flow. There are downed trees but have been cut to allow passage. At one point I have to slide over a tree. Palmer River gradually widens and in the last half of the route is more like a lake. Winds are blowing on my face and waves and splashes. Took me more than 2 hours to paddle Palmer River.

  Put in at Providence Street
  in Rehoboth MA.
Take out at Kelly Street
  in Warren RI.
Estimated distance
  = 5+ miles
Shoe Factory
  Pond Dam

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking On Palmer River - in Warren RI

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Corn fields on Mason Street in Rehoboth MA on the way to Palmer River.
Trip date is July 2014.

Providence Street bridge over the Palmer River in Rehoboth MA.

Palmer River looking south from the Providence Street bridge.

The launch area to the Palmer River on Providence Street south east of the bridge.

The put in to Palmer River.

The Boston Kayaker at the launch to Palmer River on Providence Street, Rehoboth MA.

A couple of kayakers on Palmer River.

Sign says: "Active Shooting Range"

Big part of this tree in front of me is actually only a few inches below water.

I am right now on top of a tree and trying to slide my way thru.

Active Shooting Range on Palmer River.

It is nice someone's cutting all these downed trees on Palmer River to make passage for kayakers.

The resident egret on Palmer River.

The resident egret landed in front and watches . . .

Palmer River continues to get wider.

The resident egret in flight over Palmer River.

This looks like a junction . . .

Looking to my right. Will paddle left.

Soon enough, it was clear that this is the main stem of Palmer River (paddling left was correct).

Palmer River getting wider still.

A cormorant taking off for flight over Palmer River.

There is actually a lot of critters on the banks of Palmer River.
They are getting in and out of those holes on the wet parts exposed by the lower tide.

The I-195 bridges in Rehoboth MA.

Paddling under the I-195 bridge on Palmer River in Rehoboth MA.

Route 6 bridge over Palmer River in Rehoboth MA.

Remnants of an old wood bridge.

Approaching Old Providence Street bridge over Palmer River in Rehoboth MA.

Passing under Old Provence Street bridge on Palmer River.
I can see the suddenly wider Palmer River is also now wavy.

Palmer River is now wide and choppy and will get wider and choppier.

My take out is somewhere out there ahead . . .

The mother osprey suspiciously hovers around her nest watching me pass by on the banks of Palmer River.

The wind is really blowing into my face.
Whenever I stop paddling, I can see myself being blown backwards.

The western bank of Palmer River in Warren RI.

That white house is the German American club and marks my take out.

The Boston Kayaker on Palmer River in Warren RI.
Picture taken by my son from the take out at the end of Kelly Street.

Approaching my take out at the end of Kelly Street in Warren RI.

The landing area has this German American Club.

This big stone marker for John Pesce Memorial Park at the end of Kelly Street at the banks of Palmer River in Warren RI.