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Kayaking on Newfound Lake - in Alexandria NH

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - Nice lake. The water is very clean. The beach at the state park and the whole lake is busy. Except for the state park (designated put in) and the nature center at Paradise Point, the rest of the lake's beaches are private and off limits. Signs telling you are now welcome to their property abounds. Shoreline is mostly developed.

  Put in at the boat launch in Wellington
  State Park in Alexandria NH.
Paddle north hugging the west side
  to Paradise Point and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 5 miles
  Water is choppy. Not
  recommended for beginners.
Wellington State Park Paradise Point
  Nature Center
  Kayak/canoe rentals
  at the Nature Center.
Public beach West Shore Marine
  boat rentals

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Newfound Lake - in Alexandria NH

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Entrance to the Promise Point Nature Center.

The trip plan is to kayak one-way from Wellington Beach to Promise Point. I am scouting my take out spot which is downhill over there.

View from Promise Point looking south.

Looking north from Promise Point, that blue-accented house will be my destination marker later.

We drove around the lake. There is this nice beach at the north end of Newfound Lake but private. :(

Wellington State Park in Alexandria NH.

$4/person to use the beach. Free if you are just launching boats/kayaks.

The public beach is at the west side of the Wellington State Park peninsula.

Water skiers just off the public beach.

The boat launch and kayak put in is on the west side of the state park peninsula. Background in the picture is the east side of the lake.

Off I went.

Just off from the put in, looking north.

Looking south . . .

Looking good . . .

Boats can be rented from this marina.

Another kayaker.

My encounter with the other kayaker viewed from the dock. Picture taken by my wife.

An island.

Looking east . . .

A couple sailing.

Water is choppy and wavy.

Motor boats criss-crossing around me.

Same sailboat after they turned around.

Not easy to take a clear picture from this wavy lake.

Lake side properties.

Getting close to Promise Point. I scouted the Promise Point take out earlier and that house with blue accents is my marker.

That pontoon boat is where the Promise Point take-out. The rest of the Newfound Lake coast are all private and has big signs indicating you are not welcome.

Canoes and kayaks can be rented from Promise Point.

At Promise Point. Took me about an hour and 15 minutes for a one-way trip from Wellington beach.

I have to portage my kayak uphill.

The Promise Point Nature Center.

Inside the Nature Center.

I carried my kayak uphill and near the Nature Center where my family will pick me up.

This picture taken from Sugarloaf at the west side of the lake.