Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Natchaug River - from Eastford CT to Chaplin CT

Rating: Three Stars - "Too much excitement on this trip!" I told my son after takeout and I meant it in a stressful way. I really enjoyed this paddle trip for the thrill of many stretches of Class I-II rapids. There was a big rainstorm 2 days earlier so I am guessing the river is relatively higher. The Natchaug River was really flowing that day and I finished the whole 5.5 mile route shown in the map with 1 hour and 13 minutes. So much water splashed into kayak my butt is a few inches below the water. Took a stop to dump the inside water and was ok from there on. The scenery are mostly tree-lined shores of the Natchaug State Forest. This is not for beginners.
The photos below, of necessity, do not include the more challenging rapids.

  Put in at picnic area on Route 198
  / Chaplin Road in Eastford CT.
Take out at England Road
  bridge in Chaplin CT.
Estimated distance
  = 5.5 miles
Class I - II
  Danger! "Diana's Pool"
  Class IV rapids.
"Natchaug" means "land
  between the rivers".
Natchaug State

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Natchaug River - from Eastford CT to Chaplin CT

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The Natchaug River launch road sign on Route 198 in Eastford CT.
Trip date is May 2014.

The Natchaug River launch area.

The Boston Kayaker just launched onto Natchaug River in Eastford CT.

There was a big rainstorm two days ago and I am just floating on the flowing Natchaug River.

Some rapids in front of me.

The big cockpit opening of my kayak did not do me good on this river.
The rapids are splashing in water into my kayak.

Enough water splashed into my kayak so far to float my slippers!

Will take river left . . .

Got stuck on rocks!
Took the opportunity to record and picture the moment.

The Boston Kayaker on Natchaug River approaching Morey Road bridge in Eastford CT.

The Morey Road bridge. I had my son wait for me at the brige to take photos.

Now on the downstream side of Morey Road bridge.

Have to take out to empty the water in my kayak.
Took a photo above showing water level a few inches above my butt.

Back on the Natchaug River.

The North Bear Hill Road bridge.
By the way, there seems to be no bridge for Marcy Road . . .?
This turned out to be the second bridge I will go under and then take out at the third.

I only noticed later that the river became calm past North Bear Hill Road bridge and not much water splashing into my kayak to the end of this trip.

Finally, my take-out the England Road bridge is in sight.

The Boston Kayaker taking out of Natchaug River at England Road in Chaplin CT.
This Natchaug River kayak route took me 1 hour and 10 minutes based on the photo timestamps.

Under the England Road bridge, the Natchaug River drops about 18 inches or so.