Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Nashua River - from Shirley MA to Groton MA

Rating: Two Stars - This section of the Nashua River is truly pristine. With the exception of the bridges and the Rober Bingham Boat House, there are no other developments on the tree-lined banks of Nashua River. It was raining on my last half-hour of paddling.

  Put in below dam on Walker
  Road in Shirley MA.
Take out West Main Street /
  Route 225 in Groton MA.
Estimated distance
  = 5+ miles
Ayer Ice
  House Dam
  "Nashua" means "river with
  the pebbled bottom".
Nashoba Paddlers
  - kayak rentals
Groton Place Wildlife
Groton Memorial

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Nashua River - from Shirley MA to Groton MA

Other resources:
Nashua River Watershed Association
Wikipedia: Nashua River

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The Ayer Ice House Dam viewed from Walker Road in Shirley MA.
Trip date is August 2014.

The put in is on Walker Road in Shirley MA.

The Boston Kayaker on the banks of Nashua River below the Ayer Ice House Dam on Walker Road in Shirley MA.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Nashua River below Ayer Ice House Dam.

Turning to my left to face down river where I am going.

The Boston Kayaker's son will pick me up at the take out in Groton MA.

This dream-lie haze is because my camera got wet and still wet . . .

Some fast water under the rail bridge.

The tree-lined banks of Nashua River is uniterrupted by any development
--except for the boat house later.

I got stuck trying to slide over this tree.
Have to back-out and pass on the left bank.

Underwater garden.

Good thing people are cutting the downed trees.

The Route 2A bridge over the Nashua River in Shirley MA.

Passsing under the Route 2A bridge.

Dark clouds gathering.

The skies tell me it is about to rain.

Robert Bingham Boathouse on the Nashua River in Groton MA.

Starting to rain.

The Route 2 bridge in Groton MA.
Take out is on right before the bridge.

The Nashoba Paddlers kayak rentals frontage on Nashua River.

There is a small inlet on the right before the the Route 2 bridge.

Just entered the inlet.


I was on the Nashua River for 1 hour and 50 minutes.