Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Nashua River - in Nashua NH

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - The launch area is private property and a written permission is required to launch. I paddled in the middle of September 2013. The water leve is low a flowing swiftly. The paddle upriver was a struggle and have to eddy out many times to take a break from the vigourous paddling required. There is one rapid spot where I stepped out of my kayak and just dragged it across. After passing the footbridge, the current became too much and I pulled to the left and walked the 8 to 10 minutes to see the Mine Falls.

  Put in at Technology Way
  in Nashua NH.
Paddle downstream to Main
  Street bridge and return.
Paddle upriver as far
  you can and return.
Optionally hike to
  view Mine Falls.
Estimated distance
  = 5.5+ miles
  "Nashua" means "river with
  the pebbled bottom".
Foot bridge connecting
  the parks
Mine Falls
Jackson Falls

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Nashua River - in Nashua NH

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Nashua River Watershed Association
Kayak Trip Plan on Nashua River from Mine Falls Park
Kayak Trip Plan on Nashua River from Mine Falls Park (cached copy)

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At the Nashua River launch on Technology Way in Nashua NH.
Trip date is September 2013.

I did not notice the official launch until later so I launched on the west side of the parking lot where I saw a worn path to the river.

The Boston Kayaker just lauched on the Nashua River from the Technology Way parking lot in Nashua NH.

I am paddling downriver to check out downtown Nashua.

River bending to the left.

This building on my left seems to be getting readied to be demolished.

Nashua's Main Street bridge.

From here I can see on the other side of the bridge the buoys roping off Jackson Falls Dam.

Turned around and now paddling back upriver.

To my left is where I launched. Underneath the power lines.

A blue heron on the banks of Nashua River.

On my right is the "official" put in spot.

Approaching a rocky and constricted part of the Nashua River.

The current on that passageway is just too much to paddle against.

Got off my kayak and dragged it across to the other side of the constriction.

Back on my kayak on Nashua River.

Bending to the left. The rocks on the right bank to prevend erosion on this river bend.

The Route 3 bridge is within sight.

Paddling under the Route 3 bridge on Nashua River in Nashua NH.

Another quick-water area.

On my right is the back of the Home Depot store.

The foot bridge connecting Lincoln Park and Mine Falls Park.

I can see some white-water just ahead enough to persuade me not to paddle farther upstream.

I climbed the steep bank and left my kayak on the river side.

Hiking to the Mine Falls.

I met this nice lady "Pam" who volunteered to help me find the way to the falls.

The main hiking trail in Mine Falls Park.

The not-so-noticeable path to the falls.

Mine Falls.

Walking back to my kayak.

Thanks Pam for walking me around!

Back on the Nashua River. I am now paddling back with the river flow.

The fast waters that I have to paddle against earlier. Now I am enjoying floating over it.

Paddling eastward under the Route 3 bridge.

The riffles where I have to drag my kayak across earlier.

Woohoo! So much better to go with the flow.

I can see the building in the Technology Way.

This time I used the official access and walked to the edge of the parking lot to get my pick-up.
The whole trip took me a little over 3 hours with my arms really tired.