Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Nashua River - from Hollis NH to Nashua NH

Rating: Two Stars - This was a pleasant kayak trip. Launching above the rapids will give you a bit of a kick. After the rapids, this stretch of Nashua River is flatwater and kayakers can paddle from the Mines Falls takeout for a round trip. I saw some swans and birds. There were some developments along the shore. The route was short enough I finished it in 1 hour and a half on a one-way trip.

  Put in at Runnels Bridge Road
  / Route 111 in Hollis NH.
Take out at Stellos Stadium on
  Stadium Drive in Nashua NH.
Estimated distance
  = 3.5 miles
Class II-III
Mine Falls
"Nashua" means "river with
  the pebbled bottom".

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Nashua River - from Hollis NH to Nashua NH

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At the Runnels Bridge Road in Hollis NH launch to the Nashua River.
Trip date is June 2013.

The path down to the Nashua River.

Rapids on the Nashua River just below the Runnels Bridge Road.
Can possibly launch to go to these rapids or launch a little further below the rapids.

Looking upriver, more rapids just below the bridge.

Getting eady to launch to the Nashua River.

The Boston Kayaker launching on Nashua River.

I took the easy path to the left.

Woohoo! This is the only picture I have taken while on the rapids.

Looking back at the rapids.

Now past the rapids, Nashua River is flowing almost imperceptibly.

On my right is a golf course.

The golf course on my right watering their lawns.

Bird in flight over Nashua River.

A swan on Nashua River.

3 juveniles on a canoe.

I can see a couple of kayakers.

Swans on Nashua River.

That red house marks my finish line.

Just above the Mines Fall Dam.

The take out is on my right.

I walked over to the Mines Fall dam and park.

Mines Fall Dam.

The entrance to the Mines Fall launch to the Nashua River (beside Stellos Stadium).