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Kayaking on Mumford River and Lackey Pond - in Sutton MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - It was a very pleasurable afternoon on Lackey Pond and Mumford River. Launched and paddled south into Lackey Pond. Continuing south, I traced and found the Mumford River and followed it thru past Route 146. Some trees on the rivers that made some challenging situations. I have to move my body forward into the kayak so I can bend backwards and fit between the downed tree and the kayak. The Mumford River and very much pristine. Route 146 can mostly be heard, but when I am on this river, I was at peace with the river and nature and myself. He! He!

  Put in above dam on Lackey
  Dam Road in Sutton MA.
Paddle upstream to the Mumford
  River inlet and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3 miles
Lackey Pond
  River named after a 17th-century
  hunter who drowned in this river.
Pond can be covered with aquatic
  vegetation in the summer.
Downed trees as
  of June 2012.
Gilboa Pond

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Mumford River and Lackey Pond - in Sutton MA

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At Lackey Pond on Lackey Dam Road in Sutton.
Trip date is June 2012.

Lackey Dam

Putting in at Lackey Pond.

Just launched. Paddling south.

Fishing from a boat.


I am trying to find the Mumford River on this swampy pond . . .

Ok. Found this clear river path.

Front of me (right of river) is the Lackey Dam Road.

The north-bound Route 146 bridge.

Just past the Route 146 bridges.

A downed tree on Mumford River.

A turtle on a downed tree on Mumford River.

This one is easy to duck under . . .

My kayak is sitting on top of this tree and need to push/slide myself forward.

This tree is too low to duck under. I have to slide my body forward into the inside front of the kayak so I can lean back to go under.

Another set of obstacles . . .

I can not go under this one . . .

It is at this point a decided to turn around. Been paddling upstream on the Mumford River for about an hour now.

Route 146 bridges over Mumford River.

Back to the swampy Lackey Pond.