Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Moose River Middle Branch - from Old Forge to Thendara NY

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - Beautiful winding river set on the foot of the mountains of the Adirondacks Park. The folks at Mountainman Outdoor where kind enough to let me use their access as my take out on my one-way trip. They also advised me to watch for the portage. Very pleasant trip. Moose River was gently flowing I paddled 2 and a half hours.

  Put in at North Street
  in Old Forge NY.
Portage on river left around
  rapids. 600+ feet.
Take out at Mountain Outdoor
  on Route 28 in Thendara NY.
Estimated distance
  = 5.5+ miles
  Indian Rapids Enchanted Forest
  Water Safari
Mountainman Outdoor
  - kayak rentals & shuttle

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Moose River Middle Branch - from Old Forge to Thendara NY

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At the end of North Street in Old Forge NY access to Moose River.
Trip date is July 2015.

The Boston Kayaker and son portaging to the put in.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Moose River in Old Forge NY.

The Boston Kayaker's wife.

The plan is just to follow this river . . .
. . . and watch out for the portage sign.

River bending to left.

Now river bending to the right.

. . . and to the left.

Other paddlers on Moose River.

I got past the paddlers . . .

The rental shop put up those signs on some spots where there are inlets that can potentially be mistaken as the main stem.

Moose River bending to the left.

An inlet on the right on Moose River. Took the bigger one on left.

A pair of kayakers on Moose River.

A kayaker and her dog on Moose River.

Two canoes on Moose River.

A group of kayakers taking a break on Moose River and taking photos of themselves with a tripod.

Sign warning of portage ahead.

Portage on river left point clearly marked.

Landed for the long portage 600 feet+.

The start of Indian Rapids on Moose River.

Portage trail includes crossing over the Moose River on these wood bridge.

Unrunnable Indian Rapids on Moose River.

Back on the waters of Moose River.


Stand-up paddlers. Only they are all sitting down!

I can see the kayak shop and the Route 28 bridge.

The kayak shop and my take out. Decided to continue to the Route 28 bridge.

The Route 28 bridge over the Moose River in Thendara NY.

Just turned around and will now land on the Mountainman Outdoor access.

Landed on Mountainman Outdoor access.

Mountainman kayak rentals on Route 28 in Thendara NY.

Route 28 bridge marking "MIDDLE BRANCH MOOSE RIVER".

Moose River looking north from the Route 28 bridge.
The bridge and river serves as the town border of Old Forge and Thendara.

Looking west from the bridge is the Thendara NY town marker.