Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Monponsett Ponds - in Halifax MA

Rating: Two Stars - Beautiful twin ponds. I circled the Monponsett Ponds for nearly 3 hours including chasing the inlet at the northwest corner.

  Put in at Monponsett Street
  / Route 58 in Halifax MA.
Paddle around the
  ponds and return.
Can paddle into outlet
  to dam and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 5+ miles
Tunnel under Route 58
  connects the twin ponds.
Stump Brook

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Monponsett Ponds - in Halifax MA

Other resources:
Mass. Govt.: Monponsett Lakes Bathymetry Map
Mass. Govt.: Monponsett Lakes Bathymetry Map (cached copy)

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At the launch are to the Monponsett Ponds on Route 58 in Halifax MA.
Trip date is August 2017.

This landing officially called "Wamsutta Landing (Eldest son of Massasoit)".

Officially closed. For swimming I think!?

The Boston Kayaker just launched on the West Monponsett Pond.

Veered to my right. At right is the ramp I launched from.

Facing northwards, I will paddle the West Monponsett Pond counter-clockwise keeping close to the shore on my right.

A small cove on my right.

Will paddle straight and cut-off the cove on right.

A water-front restaurant on Route 58.

Another cove on right comes into view

Will paddle straight to that corner and follow the shore northwestwards from there.

Two guys fishing from a boat on West Monponsett Pond.

Following the shore northwestwards . . .

Straight ahead is the northwest corner of West Monponsett Pond.

The resident swans of the Monponsett.

The rest of the West Monponsett Pond viewed from the north end.

Will follow this corner to check out this corner.

I can see the inlet from here at center of photo.

Just entered the inlet.


Ok my path is now blocked by plants. Time to turn around.

Just turned around.

Paddling back to the pond's main body.

I can see the pond from here.

Back on the pond. Will continue counter-clockwise direction and follow shore on my right.

A duck on West Monponsett Pond.

Another cove on my right.

Approaching the southwest corner of West Monponsett Pond.

Now on the southwest corner, will continue veering left to follow the southern shore eastwards.

Paddling eastwards along the south shore, I can see Route 58.

Taking a break on this beach.

This turns out to be a town beach for town residents only.

West Monponsett Pond viewed from the south end.

Back on the water.

I can see the culvert that I can pass thru to the east side.

Passing thru the culvert under Route 58 to the East Monponsett Pond.

Veered right out of the culvert. Will circle East Monponsett counter-clockwise too.

Looking to my left, Route 58.

The East Monponsett extends way eastwards.

Paddling eastwards.

Approaching the south east corner of East Monponsett.

Looking to my left westwards.

Veered left to follow the shores' corner.

Informal water access from Route 36.

Route 36 on the right shore.

A boat pulling two water-skiers on Monponsett Pond.

Another veer left on this corner.

Another kayaker on East Monponsett Pond.

About to see another cove on right.

Approaching the northeast corner of East Monponsett Pond.

This looks like a beach on Annawon Drive.

Directly in front is the northeast corner.

Veering slightly left to continue my circle.

Paddling westwards towards Route 58.

East Monponsett Pond viewed from the north end.

Continuing westwards.

Now I have Route 58 on my right.

Now paddling southwards parallel to Route 58.

I can see the culvert under Route 58.

Approaching the culvert.

Passing thru the culvert under Route 58 east to west.

Out of the culvert, veered right.

I can see the parking area and the ramp.

Approaching the takeout ramp.

That's my pick-up.

Landed. Paddle time is 2 hours and 40 minutes.