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Kayaking on Merrimack River - from Lowell MA to Lawrence MA

Rating: Two Stars - Merrimack is the second longest river in New England (just after Connecticut River). In the urban landscape that is Lowell to Lawrence, the river banks are surprisingly green all the way with just the occassional visible houses. Route 110 is constantly on the left (north bank) and keeps reminding you that you are not that far away. All the four bridges in this route have riffles on the downstream side that punctuated what are otherwise calm and flat waters. The view is mostly monotonous after the first hour. Last hour I started seeing powered boats and a skijet. The USGS river gauge in Lowell MA reports 20,000 cfs today, after some rainstorms in the last 2 days. The skies were cloudy the whole trip and the pictures show this. Paddled the 10 miles of Merrimack River from Lowell to Lawrence in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  Put in at Le Lacheur Baseball Park on
  Pawtucket Street in Lowell MA.
Take out at Riverfront State Park on
  Everett Avenue in Lawrence MA.
Estimated distance
  = 10 miles
Rapids Great Stone
  Greater Lawrence Community
  Boating - sailboat rentals
University of Massachusetts
  - Lowell
Lowell National
  Historical Park

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Merrimack River - from Lowell MA to Lawrence MA

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The rapids below Pawtuxet Falls just above the put in.
Picture taken from University Avenue bridge over the Merrimack River in Lowell MA.
Trip date is June 2013.

Behind the Le Lacheur Park in Lowell MA.
Not really sure where I can launch here. Let me have a look at these banks.

The river bank is steep and has rip-rap but launchable.

To Merrimack River in Lowell MA the Boston Kayaker will launch.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Merrimack River in Lowell MA.

Looking back at the put in. This might not be the official one but very doable.

Now paddling downriver with the good moving flow of the mighty Merrimack River.

First bridge on this route is the Aiken Street Bridge.

Riffles just downstream of the Aiken Street Bridge.

The Lowell canal draining into Merrimack River.

IMG_7216.JPG 20130616121936

Lowell National Historic Mills.

Second bridge on this route: Bridge Street bridge.

Third bridge on this route: Route 38 bridge over Merrimack River.

More riffles.

The Merrimack River is calm in this stretch.

River front houses on the north bank.

Power lines.

Riverside restaurant.

A blue heron on Merrimack River.

Power boat on Merrimack River.

A dam draining into Merrimack River.

Ducks on Merrimack River.

I-93 Bridge.

THe takeout is on the right.

The blue buoys marking the Great Stone Dam.

Paddled the 10 miles of flowing Merrimack River in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The Great Stone Dam viewed from the south end of Route 28 bridge.

The Great Stone Dam viewed from the south end of Route 28 bridge.

The take out and launch area is on left (south bank).