Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Lake Lashaway - in North Brookfield MA

Rating: One Star - Very friendly town unlike neigboring West Brookfield where the beach, ramp, and parking areas on their Wickaboag Pond are for residents only. The lake was busy with fast boats. Paddle time is 1 hour 2 minutes.

  Put in at Shore Road ramp
  in North Brookfield MA.
Paddle around Lake Lashaway
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2.5+ miles
Lake Lashaway
  Optionally paddle upstream on
  Five-Mile River and return.
North Brookfield
  State Forest

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Lake Lashaway - in North Brookfield MA

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On Shore Road in North Brookfield MA.
Trip date is July 2017.

The Boston Kayaker's wife on the ramp to Lake Lashaway.

The Boston Kayaker and wife just launched on a tandem kayak on Lake Lashway in North Brookfield MA.

Looking to my right behind, the ramp we just launched from.

We will stay close to the shore on our right and paddle Lake Lashaway counter-clockwise.

Nice lake-front houses.

A couple of kayakers on Lake Lashaway.

Sign reads:
Bryant's Brew and Bait
Where it is easier to catch a Beer than a Bass!

The resident ducks of Lake Lashaway.

Ahead of us are two islands in the middle of Lake Lashaway.

We will paddle thru the gap between the two islands.

Now at the narrow and shallow channel between the islands.

Inukshuks on Lake Lashaway.


We are paddling straight ahead to get closer to the shore.

On right the Camp Atwater resort private beach on Lake Lashaway.

No he is not drowning!

Water skier.

Now approaching the southern end of Lake Lashaway.
We can see the Route 9 bridge.

The public dock and rest area on Route 9 at the southern end of Lake Lashaway.

Looking to my left, Lake Lashaway viewed from the south end.

We have turned the corner and now facing north with the eastern shore on our right.

American Beauty on Lake Lashaway (not the boat).

We can now see the boat ramp from here.

A boat launching on the ramp.

Landed. Paddle time is 1 hour 2 minutes.