Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Housatonic River and Pomperaug River - in Oxford CT

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - Beautiful lake and river, although I would say I enjoyed Lake Lillinonah (upstream) better. Lake Zoar has more houses/developments along its banks. The water is greenish (algea?). The miniature Statue of Liberty was a treat.

  Put in at state park on Georges
  Hill Road in Oxford CT.
Paddle on Housatonic
  River past I-84.
Paddle north into
  Pompareaug River.
Return when you hit
  the rocky shallows.
  Estimated round trip
  distance = 7+ miles
River can be busy
  with powered boats.
Miniature Statue
  of Liberty
Kettletown State
  Alternate put in at Scout
  Road in Southbury CT.
Churaevka Russian Village
  Historic District
Bent of the River

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Housatonic River and Pomperaug River - in Oxford CT

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At Kettletown State Park in Oxford CT.
Trip date is August 2012.

The unstaffed entrance to the state park.

The state park cove on the Housatonic River.

Just launched on the Lake Zoar / Houstaonic River.

That's my son.

Paddling out of the state park cove.

Just out of the cove, looking south.

Now paddling north.

Moving to the west bank.

A white duck followed by a black duck.

The launch at Scott Road. The alternate put in site in my map.

The river is curving to my right.

After rounding the curve to the right.
The I-84 bridges will be another curve to the left.

Miniature Statue of Liberty on Lake Zoar.


In between I-84 West on my left and I-84 East on my right.

Just past the I-84 bridges is the River Road bridge and the mouth of Pomperaug River.

Some construction happening on beside the River Road bridge.
A new launch maybe?

Now entering Pomperaug River.

Remnants of an old bridge?

Looks like I have reached my point of return on Pomperaug River.

Ducks on Pomperaug River.

Just turned around. Now paddling south back to where I started.

This bridge marks the mouth of the Pomperaug River.

Back to the Housatonic River, now heading east.

Entering the state park cove.

One last look at the southern section of Lake Zoar.

The Boston Kayaker has landed. On Kettletown State Park. Total time on the water is: 3 hours and ten minutes.