Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Green River Reservoir - in Hyde Park VT

Rating: Three Stars - This lake is very hard to find even if you are looking, like a hidden jewel in the heart of the Green Mountains. Remote, isolated and pristine, loons abound, and we saw and pictured one bald-headed eagle.

  Put in at Green River Dam
  Road in Hyde Park VT.
Paddle around reservoir, upstream
  to Green River and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 6 to 7 miles
Green River
  Green River Reservoir
  State Park
The shorelines are dotted
  with primitive campgrounds.
Reservoir has islands
  and inlets to explore.
Picnic / rest

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Green River Reservoir - in Hyde Park VT

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It was 4th of July, 2013 and the good people of Morrisville VT have lined up for the Independence Day parade.

At the Green River Reservoir State Park in Hyde Park VT.

Trip date is July 2013.

I found out these gates are already open as it can be.
Have to portage 100+ feet from here to water.

The Boston Kayaker's wife and the son's girlfriend.
Tthis picture take day before when we scouted this lake first.

Preparing to launch on Green River Reservoir.

The Boston Kayaker's group of 4 people in 3 kayaks just launched on the Green River Reservoir.

We will paddle west of the put in and circumnavigate counter clock-wise.

The Boston Kayaker and wife on Green River Reservoir.

Happy campers.

The Boston Kayaker on the backside of the tandem kayak.

Starting to rain.

I see a group of kayakers on the end of this cove.

It was raining and we decided to turn around from this cove.
My son and his girlfriend also turning around on that island.

My son and girlfriend decided to head back to the put in as the girlfriend is new to kayaking and getting tired already.

Now it is really pouring.

We are making a dash northwards to the shore to land and take a break while it is raining.

That spot with a blue kayak looks like a good spot to land.

Landed. Waiting out the rain.

Rain stopped and we are back on the Green River Reservoir.

Raining again.

In front of us is the northern arm of the Green River Reservoir.
We did not pursue this direction very far.

The couple of kayakers that was earlier in the put in with us.

We are turning to the right to start our turn around and head back.

This group was telling us they are watching a bald-headed eagle.

The bald-headed eagle suddenly flew of his perch.

The white markers warn people to stay away from the loon nests.