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Kayaking on Glen Charlie Pond - in East Wareham MA

Rating: Two Stars - This was a pleasant kayak trip. Glen Charlie Pond has a river-lie instream to the north of the launch. On the south are multiple coves that I explored. Many developed stretches on the west shore but a lot of greenery all-around and some islands. On the water for an hour and half.

  Put in at Sunset Boulevard
  in East Wareham MA.
Paddle around pond
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3+ miles
Glen Charlie
  Pond Dam
Jellystone Park
  at Cape Cod

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Glen Charlie Pond - in East Wareham MA

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Wikipedia: Glen Charlie Pond
Mass Govt: Glen Charlie Bathymetry Map
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Jellystone Park at Cape Cod

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At the public beach on Glen Charlie Pond at Sunset Boulevard in East Wareham MA.
Trip date is one cloudy friday in August 2013.

Just launched on Glen Charlie Pond.

Decided to paddle north and turn to my right.

The resident swan.

Ducks in flight over Glen Charlie Pond.

The inlet to Glen Charlie Pond is becoming narrow and river-like.

At this point, the instream is too shallow and narrow.
This is my point to turn around.

Now paddling back south.

To my left now is the public beach where I launched.
Will continue paddling south.

I am hugging the shoreline on my right and will explore that first western cove veering left forward.

Some sandy beaches.

Decided to land on this beachy spot.

Back on the waters of Glen Charlie Pond.

Coming out of this cove, I can see the public beach on my left.

Paddling to my right to explore the next cove.

End of this cove. Turning around.

Coming back to the main body of Glen Charlie Pond, will now go to this next cove that leads to the dam.

I can see the walls of the Glen Charlie Pond Dam.

Glen Charlie Pond Dam.

I am now paddling northerly and will try to get to my launch site which is where I will end.

This looks like another public beach with picnic tables and a bigger recreation area.

This tree on my right marks the end of this cove I am now leaving.

A powered boat on Glen Charlie Pond.

A quick look to my right. Will skip paddling that area and will continue heading north.

Wake coming . . .

The boat's wake I am now riding.

A guy at the launch site is backing out his boat onto the waters of Glen Charlie Pond.

Landed. One hour and 31 minutes.